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news archive
FESTIVAL |  |  31.05.09  |  send link
DMY Design Festival Berlin
Image 2009|06|03 - 06|07

Should you happen to be in Berlin at the moment, don't miss the DMY Berlin design festival that is about to take place for the 7th time. So many exhibitors and so many events in just 4 days. The exhibitors were selected by a jury including the conceptual fashion duo Bless. Vienna Design Week is a partner organisation, too.

EVENT |  |  30.05.09  |  send link
Here comes Peggy Poetry
Image 2009|06|03

"Who the fuck is Peggy Poetry?", you may feel tempted to ask. Well, she is, and she isn't, Petra Rautenstrauch. Rautenstrauch uses the character as a means of self-portraiture and image-construction. An event featuring Peggy Poetry will take place on June 3rd in the Liniert fashion studio and bears the expletive-loaden title mentioned above (we'd never have dared to!). Petra, sorry Peggy, will be present.

Sechskrügelgasse 2, 1030, starts at 7 pm

SHOP |  |  29.05.09  |  send link
The Berlin Vienna connection

c.neeon are in town. Their clothes, we mean. Clara Leskovar and Doreen Schulz' are something like the Rodarte siblings in terms of Berlin, and their aesthetics are just stunning. So don't miss the occasion and check out their designs in the w?atf store in Siebensterngasse 52, 1070, starting this Saturday at 1 pm.

WEB |  |  29.05.09  |  send link
Noovo relaunched
Image A very good web-address indeed, Noovo has undergone an exciting relaunch. The Spanish platform for up-and-coming designers and photographers is certainly a good source of information for anybody interested in fashion with an edge. Austrian labels are also listed on the website. What a beautiful tool.

SHOP |  |  28.05.09  |  send link
Store popped up!
Image 2009|05|29

If Danish fashion label Wood Wood, Vice magazine and Pool Gallery from Berlin work on the concept and selection for a pop-up store, the result may well be a very convincing one. The store will open on May 29 at 7 pm and will be open through June 10 from noon to 8 pm.

Gumpendorferstraße 23, 1060

EXHIBITION |  |  27.05.09  |  send link
Jewels with an inner life...
Image 2009|05|28

Jewels are only about beauty? Or is there something else, some kind of inner life? Well, the exhibition "Playtime" certainly suggests the latter. Designs by paula.paul are on display in Vienna's Galerie V&V. The opening will take place during the traditional gallery tour this Thursday at 6.30 pm

Bauernmarkt 19, 1010

FESTIVAL |  |  27.05.09  |  send link
flair 0609 to open 9 festival

Image 2009|05|28 - 06|10

Dear fashion folk,
We hope you've done your homework and had a great time relaxing and preparing for Vienna's annual festival for fashion and photography that will kick off tomorrow with the opening of flair magazine 's flair0609 editorial exhibition (following the motto: fashion with a pug, apparently). And then, there's so many more things to come that you'll hardly be able to sleep for almost a fortnight. Fashion will always be on your mind. Isn't that great? Check out our website for your daily feed of noteworthy events. We'll pick the best for you.
For the time being,
see you on Thursday at 7 pm in Wittgensteinhaus/ Parkgasse 18, 1030.

EXHIBITION |  |  26.05.09  |  send link
Rudi Gernreich, last chance
Image 2009|05|31

If an exhibition is on for almost a year, there seems to be so much time at hand. And yet, why not wait until the very end to spread the news. To make things more exciting, somehow... Hurry up then and get yourself a last-minute low fare ticket that will enable you to visit the Kent State University Museum (a little bit off the beaten track, maybe). The Rudi Gernreich exhibition entitled Bold has been on since July 3, 2008. Closes on May 31. As we said: Never state the obvious. And Rudi is always worth a journey, isn't he...

CAMPAIGN |  |  25.05.09  |  send link
Designers Against AIDS for H&M
Image 2009|05|28

Even though we usually refrain from posting news about retail collections (thereby foregoing the potential pleasure of turning into an advertising platform...), this one is worth being mentioned: on May 28 the second collaboration between Designers Against AIDS and H&M hits shops worldwide. Check out t-shirts designed by Dita von Teese, Cindy Lauper and - our favourite - Katharine Hamnett . And it's a good thing, too, as 25 % of all revenues go to initiatives focussing on HIV and AIDS.

EXHIBITION |  |  23.05.09  |  send link
Put a smile on your face
Image Admittedly, we're a bit late with this announcement. But since it's the start of the weekend and this is always a good occasion to present our highly attentive and interested readers with tips for some quality time to be spent in a quality art space, here we go: check out the new location of Das Weiße Haus in Vienna and especially, Alfredo Barsuglia's show "You're never fully dressed without a smile". Also on: Sebastian Walther's "plugged in". What a good way of convincing yourself that there should always be enough time to spread some positive vibes.

Wollzeile 1, 4th and 5th floor, 1010
until June 6

EVENT |  |  22.05.09  |  send link
Stylists Are a Girl's Best Friends...

Image 2009|05|22 + 23

The more fortunate ones in this world have got their personal shopping assitants, the less fortunate ones despair over the necessity to select the essential item in a flood of merchandise. No problem, guided shopping tours are now offered by the conglomerate of 7th district designers, better known as 7tm. Stylist Stefanie Lingg will be there to help you. Check out their website for Stefanie's phone number and the exact location where the tour starts.

Friday 2 - 5 pm, Saturday 10 am - 1 pm

DESIGNER |  |  21.05.09  |  send link
Marios Schwab to pimp Halston!
Image Fashion biz breaking news: what's long been around as a still-to-be-confirmed rumour is now official. Marios Schwab's new job engagement as head designer of the NY label Halston is effective with July 1st. Bye bye, London, bye bye? Let's keep fingers crossed and hope that this doesn't stop him from pushing further his own promising aesthetics. Congrats, anyway.

EXHIBITION |  |  21.05.09  |  send link
Image 2009|05|21

For the New Yorkers among our readers: this afternoon takes place a panel discussion (5 pm, please call 212 319 5300 for information about access and available seats) leading up to the opening (7 pm) of the exhibition "The Seen and the Hidden: (Dis)Covering the Veil" in the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York . The exhibition was curated by David Harper, Martha Kirszenbaum, and Karin Meisel and will be on until August 29.

Austrian Cultural Forum NYC
11 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022

CAMPAIGN |  |  20.05.09  |  send link
Jakob Lena Knebl for TQW
Image To complain about visual strategies commonly deployed by advertisers is one thing, to offer viable and surprising alternatives, another. Therefore, the campaign for Tanzquartier Wien developed by Jakob Lena Knebl (on display in May and June), must be considered with utmost attention and highly welcomed. What a questioning of bodily clichés and "bodies that matter" (to put it with Judith B.). Simply great.

BOOK |  |  19.05.09  |  send link
Men's Tailoring
Image 2009|05|19

If you're interested in the meticulous fine-craft side of menswear and fashion in general, don't miss the book presentation that takes place in Vienna tonight. Or, alternatively of course, don't miss to check out the book itself. Ruth Sprenger can look back on decades of experience in the profession, which she sums up in "Die hohe Kunst der Herrenkleidermacher" (The art of men's tailoring), published by Böhlau.

Gunkel, Tuchlauben 11, 1010
starts at 7.30 pm

COMPETITION |  |  18.05.09  |  send link
Pocket money
Image Yes, ladies and gentlemen: it would indeed seem that there is an award for everything. Such as the Independent Handbag Designer Award. And what a jury for the preselection: we're quite impressed. Anyway, Austrian handbag designer Karin Maislinger is among the nominees in the category "Green Fashion" with her great recycling label kontiki. Her bags are made of pierced bicycle tubes - and are astoundingly beautiful, apart from being a profoundly sustainable product. Therefore, we invite you to take part in the online voting for kontiki, it's just a click.

EXHIBITION |  |  18.05.09  |  send link
Ludwig Reiter in China
Image A bit of news that's already been spread all over the place: Ludwig Reiter (the exquisite shoe manufacturer from Vienna who we've just seen participating in the Viennese fashion event in Tokyo) has opened a first shop in Beijing/China. Right on time for the Shanghai EXPO in 2010. And making us wonder whether there's more to come. Congratulations, anyway.

COMPETITION |  |  16.05.09  |  send link
Goethe in fashion
Image The network of Germany's cultural institutes, Goethe Institut, supports its own fashion award called createurope. In its 2009 edition, the competition is open for fashion designers from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa aged 18 - 32. A special initiative pays particular interest to designers from the Sub-Saharan region in Africa. Closing date is June 15, check out all details and useful information as well as rules for potential entrants here.

JOB |  |  15.05.09  |  send link
Wanted: handsome blokes
Image Yes guys, it's you we want. Or rather, Walter van Beirendonck wants and needs you. The ones with the awesome looks. The avantgarde label is recruiting male models for its upcoming S/S 10 show in Paris. If you're free on June 25 - 29 and can figure yourself in Walter's outrageous designs, send images and an info sheet with your sizes to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Don't forget to let us know if they hire you...! We dig beauty, too.

SALE |  |  14.05.09  |  send link
Edith A'Gay Sample Sale
Image 2009|05|15 - 05|16

Too good to be true, right? Or so it would seem, as yet another sample sale is coming up this week. No need to worry about the presently rather gloomy weather in Vienna, just head to Edith A'Gay 's studio and get lucky, as Edith's sample sale is on this Friday and Saturday. Where was it I left my purse...?

May 15, 12 pm - 10 pm
May 16, 11 am - 5 pm
Zieglergasse 81, 1070

SALE |  |  14.05.09  |  send link
Brandmair Sample Sale
Image 2009|05|15 - 05|16

As sample sales are one of the best occasions to lay hand on original designs by Austrian avantgarde designers, we strongly recommend not to miss this one: BRANDMAIR opens its studio doors and allows Viennese fashionistas to delve into the label's archives. Yes!

Friday 15 and Saturday 16 of May, 3 - 7 pm
Ramperstorffergasse 30/7+8, 1050

EXHIBITION |  |  13.05.09  |  send link
Spinning dresses...
Image 09|05|15 - 06|14

Another event taking place on the occasion of the assembly festival in Graz, Ursula Neugebauer's solo exhibition tour en l'air (a turn in the air) will open on May 14 at 6 pm in the Haus der Architektur Graz. Two hours before the official opening of the festival. An installation of dresses hanging from the ceiling and moved by rotating motors is an interesting option of reconciling fashion and art.

Palais Thinnfeld
Mariahilferstraße 2
8020 Graz