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COMPETITION |  |  30.06.09  |  send link
What's more alive than you?
Image You better be quick with this one: What's More Alive Than You calls for entries in a competition that closes on July 3rd. Fashion, art, industrial design merge into an interesting - albeit somewhat impenetrable - concept. Check out all requirements and further details here.

EXHIBITION |  |  30.06.09  |  send link
Textile fairy tales
Image 2009|07|01 - 2010|02|07

Start complaining about there being too few fashion exhibitions in town, and things change. It's as easy as that... Beautiful embroideries from the Ottoman empire are on display in the Museum of Applied Arts/MAK. The opening of the exhibition "Textile Märchen - Ottomanische Stickereien" takes place tonight, starting at 8 pm. Open through February 2010.

EXHIBITION |  |  29.06.09  |  send link
Hetzendorf graduate collections
Image 2009|07|01 - 07|11

We already pointed out this event in our show review article : on the evening of July 1st opens an exhibition that showcases the first nine graduate collections of students from the BA in fashion design at Hetzendorf Fashion Institute. Will we meet _fabrics interseason there? After all, they should familiarise themselves with what expects them in autumn...

Advanced Minority Art Space
, Westbahnstraße 22, 1070
opening on July 1st at 7pm

EDUCATION |  |  29.06.09  |  send link
Fresh breeze in Hetzendorf
Image The French call it a "secret de Polichinelle", so basically a punchline: something everybody knows and nobody talks about. Until someone blurts it, which makes it a piece of news. So while we were well-behaved and waiting for the press statement that would make it official, others are so well-informed they don't actually need that. Right then, so *marvel marvel* -  _fabrics interseason will take over in Hetzendorf fashion institute from autumn and provide for a fresh breeze in the noteworthy institution. Congrats!

EVENT |  |  27.06.09  |  send link

Image After Berlin and Berlin, still Berlin: as a vital part of the Premium tradeshow for international sales and press, the Green Lifestyle division opens its doors again. And an impressive total of eight (!) Austrian labels show what they're capable of, in terms of greenness - Mädchenwald, Milch, mija. t. rosa, Kontiki, Unartig, house of the very, Göttin des Glücks and Mayi are in Berlin from July 1 - 3  thanks to the WKO's (Austrian Chamber of Commerce) go international programme . Good (and green!) luck!

EVENT |  |  26.06.09  |  send link
Projektgalerie Showroom Berlin
Image After Berlin, still Berlin: Projektgalerie Showrooms showcase more than 30 international brands. Among them from Austria: Mangelware and Wendy & Jim with their New H Denim collection and the presentation of their underwear collection realised in collaboration with DJ Hell: Hell & Wendy & Jim.

EVENT |  |  26.06.09  |  send link
Block Party hooray!
Image 2009|06|26

Tonight in Vienna's Kirchengasse: get the party started! A bunch of shops (sixxa store, common people, Disaster Clothing, W?ATF, Zapateria &c.) joined forces and invite shoppers to start their weekend with a little bit of party mood. Check this out for more info.

7 - 9 pm, Kirchengasse and Siebensterngasse, 107

EXHIBITION |  |  25.06.09  |  send link
Fabric Interaction in Linz
Image 2009|06|25 - 07|04

While we were actually wondering whether the title of this exhibition "Fabric Interaction" is supposed to make us think of another _fabric inter- fashion reference with apparently tightening bonds to the University of Arts in Linz and its fashion department in Hetzendorf (rumour mill and no end, but the information is still to be officially confirmed), students of the university's textile course have created a site-specific intervention for the façade of BLUMA boutique in Linz. It all sounds very good - and is definitely worth a visit as the textile façade is changing every day when students cut out pieces of material and sew garments that are sold inside the shop. If that sounds to complicated, go there and check it out for yourself!!!

Hauptplatz 15 - 16, 4010 Linz

EVENT |  |  25.06.09  |  send link
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin
Image 2009|07|01 - 07|04

After Paris, Berlin: the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week starts as the first one including womenswear collections for spring 2010. A first-time starter from Austria in the official MB-FWB schedule is Lena Hoschek.
More about BFW here

EVENT |  |  24.06.09  |  send link
Semaine de la mode masculine
Image 2009|06|24 - 06|29

After Milan, Paris: menswear collections for spring 2010 are on show starting today. Among the Austrian labels present in Paris, Petar Petrov and House of the Very Island's are part of the official show calendar.

DISCOURSE |  |  23.06.09  |  send link
All about One-Person-Businesses
Image 2009|06|23

Tonight at Forum Mozartplatz: an open discussion about the role and potential of one-person-businesses or EPUs, as they're called in German. Interesting for sure, and relevant for a steadily increasing number of persons. Brigitte Jank and Sophie Karmasin are among the panelists. The Austrian Chamber of Commerce runs a specialised online portal here.

Conference starts at 7 pm
Forum Mozartplatz, Mozartplatz/Neumanngasse, 1040

SHOP |  |  23.06.09  |  send link
Elke Freytag Shop Opening
Image 24|06|2009

Elke Freytag opens a new shop in Lindengasse 14, 1070: starting tomorrow at noon. More info here.

EXHIBITION |  |  22.06.09  |  send link
Art Graduates

Image What a good way of staying in touch with the upcoming creative potential in Vienna. The art universities in town hold their annual exhibitions showcasing the graduate projects.

Academy of Fine Arts:
opening on June 23 at 7 pm in the Academy building, open through June 6

University of Applied Arts:
exhibition of graduate projects "The Essence 09"
Vordere Zollamtstraße 3, 1030
opens on June 25 at 7 pm
June 26 - July 15

DISCOURSE |  |  22.06.09  |  send link
Precarious Perspectives
Image 2009|06|22 + 23

After we learnt all about the precarious situation of artists from the report aboout the social situation of artists in Austria (download and information here) - a situation far from being glamorous or even bearable for many -, the conference that takes place today and tomorrow in Vienna's Urania is an interesting platform for discussing viable options. It is entitled "Precarious Perspectives in the Creative Fields". Applications closed since early June, but maybe there's a way to sneek in or at least stay tuned for the publication of results.

EXHIBITION |  |  20.06.09  |  send link
Madeleine Vionnet in Paris

Image For all of you who find Vienna's offerings in terms of historical costume exhibits a little bit disappointing (the exhibition currently on in Wien Museum is of course a noteworthy and excellent exception to the rather sad status quo in terms of Applied Arts exhibitions) AND who are lucky enough to go to Paris some time between now and January 24, 2010 - here's the solution: Madeleine Vionnet at Les Arts Décoratifs with a selection of 22 beautifully restored creations donated by the couturière herself. Quite something...

EXHIBITION |  |  19.06.09  |  send link
5 shots of gin
Image Super multi-faceted and dedicedly very tattooed artist Jimmy Zurek is currently infiltrating five Viennese locations with the exhibition "Gin Palace" spanning virtually all thinkable media. Admittedly, he already does so since June 10. But with all the runway shows and festivals going on, the weekend might be just the right time to check out this very promising AND artsy parcours. Until July 10.

Schmuckatelier Alja Neuner, Kärntnerstrasse 8; Spiegelgasse Acht, Spiegelgasse 8; Loos Bar, Kärntner Durchgang 10; Mühlbauer Hutmanufaktur, Seilergasse 10; Mode Mühlbauer, Seilergasse 5; Condotti, Spiegelgasse 3

FESTIVAL |  |  18.06.09  |  send link
Vienna in 23 days
Image 2009|06|18

The festival "Wir sind Wien / We are Vienna" is organised by Basis.Kultur.Wien and takes visitors to all of the city's 23 districts. On and in exactly 23 days. Nice idea, we say. Today, knitwear specialist Veronika Persché opens the doors of her studio and welcomes all interested passers-by. From 7 to 10 pm, Theresiengasse 26, 2nd floor, door 14, 1180.

SALE |  |  18.06.09  |  send link
Sample Sale @ Rosa Mosa
Image 2009|06|19 + 06|20

Yet another occasion for meeting up with Rosa Mosa - we seem to be really lucky these days. Their fantastic shoes are available at fantastic sample sale conditions in their studio, Ziegelofengasse 17/R2 (ground floor), 1050.

From 1 pm to 7 pm on June 19 and from 11 am to 5 pm on June 20.

ARTICLE |  |  17.06.09  |  send link
Media collaboration III

Image Visibility and media coverage are all the more imporant for young designers just starting their career and talents still exploring the width and depth of their creativity at university.

Covering the show of Vienna's University for Applied Arts in collaboration with Hint Fashion Magazine might be of some help for some of the school's most promising fashionmakers.

Check out our article in collaboration with Hint here ...

EXHIBITION |  |  17.06.09  |  send link
Iv Toshain @ Habres + Partner
Image 2009|06|17

Still undecided what the day will bring? Our tip for tonight is the exhibition opening at vis à vis gallery powered by Habres + Partner, where "one eyed city dolphin" by Iv Toshain will be showcased. His drawings and illustrations almost reminded us a little bit of Cédric Rivrain's. Go and see for yourself.

Hollandstraße 7, 1020, starts at 7 pm
open until July 31

EVENT |  |  17.06.09  |  send link
en route to design
Image 2009|06|17 - 06|20

Design shops in Viennas 4th, 7th and 8th districts can be explored by urban wanderers in the context of the so-called Designpfad which is opened tonight in Hofmobiliendepot (Andreasgasse, 1070, starts at 7.30 pm) and officially open from tomorrow until June 20 with lots of participants and beautiful things to see. Official hours from on June 18, 19 and 20: 2 pm to 9 pm. Check their website for more information.

ARTICLE |  |  16.06.09  |  send link
Media collaboration II
Image What we wrote yesterday, remains true today. Online visibility is an important thing for designers that live and work in the now.

AUSTRIANFASHION.NET succeeded in setting up another media collaboration to cover Vienna's fashion & photography festival that just went by for the extraordinarily influential webzine Hint.

An overview of the most interesting designers showcased during the festival in collaboration with Hint Fashion Magazine can be found here...