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DISCOURSE |  |  30.11.10  |  send link
Urban Visionnaire
Image2010|12|01 - 2011|02|06

The Italian architect, urbanist and designer Andrea Branzi will come to town: On the occasion of an exhibition opening, Mr Branzi will speak to the public about his concept of a "weak metropolis", conceived to overcome outdated modernist models of cities. Mr Branzi's lecture will take place at the Museum of Applied Arts/MAK on Tuesday, Nov. 30, at 7 pm. 

The exhibition that presents an overview of his work opens that same evening and remains open until February of 2011.

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Advent soiree
Image 2010|11|30

Another Advent event where fashionistas and art-lovers are allowed to mingle: The shop specialising in "European fashion", Nachbarin on Gumpendorferstraße, invites her friends and customers to marvel at doll installations by Katja Jacob while sipping some mulled wine.

Get ready for the most silent month of the year, or so we say.

On Nov 30, starts at 6 pm.

Gumpendorferstraße 17, 1060.

BLOG |  |  28.11.10  |  send link
Bike Chic

Image Needed a good reason for dressing up when you leave the house? Well, here you've got it - and even when you're on your bike.

Especially when you're on your bike. Vienna has got a new kind of street style blog. It's called "Wiener Radl Chic." And the title is programmatic. Fashionable, good-looking, dynamic people as they cruise the city on their bicycles. A wonderful idea indeed.

Online now.

DISCOURSE |  |  27.11.10  |  send link
TEDx Vienna

Image 2010|11|29

Hi there, we've got good networking news for you.

A TED event has been organised for Vienna.  Wonder what a TED is? Well, a ted is all about ideas worth spreading. More about TEDs on the website

Regarding the Vienna event, intelligent fashion expert Sabine Seymour will be among the speakers. It will take place on Nov 29, from 3 - 8 pm.

At Studio 44, Rennweg 44, 1030.

EVENT |  |  26.11.10  |  send link
Ottakring Design Market
Image 2010|11|28

A first for the design Christmas market Ottakring: It is open in Ottakring's Brewery on Nov 28 from 11 am to 8 pm.

2 euros entrance fee

At Ottakringer Brauerei, Ottakringer Straße 91, 1160

EXHIBITION |  |  25.11.10  |  send link
Femme Maison
Image 2010|11|26 - 2010|12|17

We are very excited to be able to bring you this wonderful news item, since we think that this is a very remarkable fashion venture: We're of course talking about Femme Maison, the fashion label recently launched by Franziska Fürpaß and George Beshanizhvili.

Or rather: about to be launched for real. Anyhow, their first collection will be shown at Wolfensson Concept Store in Graz starting Nov. 26 (5 pm).

Wolfensson: Kaiserfeldgasse 19, 8010 Graz.

EVENT |  |  25.11.10  |  send link
Design market
Image 2010|11|26 - 28

The event "Weihnachtsquartier" will take place in Vienna's MQ museums district. That means, over 1,000 square meters, and more than 100 designers selling Christmas shoppers their creative output. Fashion, jewellery, product design ...

Marvellous? Yes indeed.

Click here for the list of exhibitors and here for more information.

EXHIBITION |  |  24.11.10  |  send link
Walter van Beirendonck
Image 2010|11|25 - 2011|01|15

Hello everyone! We hope that you are as enthusiastic about this as we are. And we bet you are, cos one of the Antwerp Six pack is coming to town. Isn't it wonderful? So, take good note of the following:

Fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck will be in Vienna for the opening of his exhibition "Pleasure Paradise Production" at Song concept store. Art and fashion and such.

The opening starts on Nov 25 at 7 pm.

EXHIBITION |  |  23.11.10  |  send link
Istanbul Fashion
Image until January 31, 2011

Interested in Istanbul's fashion scene? An exhibition put together by the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne takes a closer look at the vibrant fashion scene in Turkey's creative metropolis on the Bosporus.

We advise you to take a closer look at the museum's website and include this in your list of must-sees, must-gos and must-visits.

FESTIVAL |  |  23.11.10  |  send link
Image Starting NOW, Vienna's "Gemeindebaufestival" (a Gemeindebau is more or less what a Council estate is in the UK) will take a special interest in fashion.

Yes, that's it, fashion and Vienna's council housing programme - a perfect occasion to truly understand about the essence of this city's fashion spirit, if you know what we mean.

Be sure to check out the Mode:Block festival blog/website with constantly updated photographs, theoretical texts and information regarding events such as photo sessions and pop up stores etc.

EXHIBITION |  |  23.11.10  |  send link
Jewellery design @ MAK
Image 2010|11|24 - 2011|02|27

An exhibition showcasing contemporary jewellery design from Austria opens tonight at Viennas Museum of Applied Arts.

The show was previously shown in Salzburg and focuses on participants at the renowned Eligius jewellery award.

For details regarding the exhibition programme and schedule, please refer to this website.

EXHIBITION |  |  23.11.10  |  send link
Window Shopping
Image 2010|11|25 - 2011|03|14

Wien Museum presents the exhibition "Window Shopping" , which looks at several decades of window shopping culture.

Opens on November 24 at 7 pm, remains open until March 2011.

CAMPAIGN |  |  22.11.10  |  send link
Ai Weiwei & Des Artistes
Image That's your opportunity to do good - and do it through fashion and art.

Des Artistes collborated with the famous artist Ai Weiwei for a limited edition of t-shirts that are sold online here - sales revenues will benefit Médécins Sans Frontières.

If you're quick, you could get yourself (or someone else) a fashionable charity Christmas present, how do you like the idea?

EVENT |  |  20.11.10  |  send link
Green is golden
Image 2010|11|20 - 21

The first edition of Munich's "green" B2C lifestyle fair "GoldGreen" takes place this weekend.

Exhibitors from Germany and Austria will be there and exhibit their sustainable approach of the world of style and beauty.

Take a good look - and do something for your carbon consciousness...

EVENT |  |  19.11.10  |  send link
Luxury, please...
Image 2010|11|19 - 21

Lest you should forget: "Luxury, please" is the convincingly persuasive title of Vienna's very own, well, luxury fair. Who'd have guessed that, right?

"Luxury, please" opens today (technically, it's a B2B-day though), Saturday and Sunday it's open to everyone. What a relief. More info on the luxurious website .

MAGAZINE |  |  18.11.10  |  send link
Fräulein coming your way
Image aaaaaaaand yet another magazine launch coming your way, ladies and gentlemen: the German (Berlin-based, from what we understood) magazine "Fräulein" has just seen the light of day.

Fräulein promises to cater to all kinds of needs of the modern fashion-oriented reader. High end fashion editorials, combined with "service oriented" features (recipes? do-it-yourself sewing instructions?) - that's what the world needed for completion.

There's just one way of finding out what "Fräulein" is capable of - get yourself a copy, we would say...

EVENT |  |  18.11.10  |  send link
Blickang Zurich
Image 2010|11|19 - 21

Should you live closer to Zurich than Vienna and still adore Austrian fashion design, Blickfang Zurich is the right thing for you.

The sales event will take place in Switzerland this weekend, and art point, lila, mija t. rosa, wiener konfektion, ni-ly, Steinwidder, as well as Modepolizei (children's fashion) are among the exhibitors. Gruezi, and see you there...

DISCOURSE |  |  17.11.10  |  send link
Fashionable & artsy interview marathon
Image 2010|11|18

What an interesting side-event of this year's edition of Vienna Art Week: In the beautiful setting of Secession, an interview marathon will take place tomorrow (from 10 am to 8 pm).

Participants will discuss how to, when to (or not) "Cross Limits" - art and boardering disciplines, overlappings, intersections etc.

Robert Punkenhofer will guide through the manifold speeches/interview sessions - one of which will feature fashion designer J. J. Hudson, founder of the "art brand" fashion label NOKI.

EXHIBITION |  |  16.11.10  |  send link
Siggi Hofer wears Bernhard Willhelm
Image 2010|11|16

We are very happy to announce that Vienna-based artist Siggi Hofer has a one-man-show at Meyer Kainer gallery: the exhibition opens tonight and will remain open until December 30.

Now, apart from the fact that we talked to Siggi Hofer about fashion and art a long, long time ago, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that Siggi chose to wear an outfit by "fashion professor" Bernhard Willhelm in the poster announcing the exhibition.

The photograph is by well-known fashion photographer Maria Ziegelböck. Very fashionable, everything...

EVENT |  |  16.11.10  |  send link
departure design tour
Image 2010|11|17

Vienna's support institution for an alive-and-kicking creative cosmos, departure, hosts a very special design tour this Wednesday:

Visitors will be taken around town and have the opportunity to take a closer look at Mühlbauer's hat-making studio, Augarten, the lomographic society and Lobmeyr.

More information here, online registration required, go here.

DISCOURSE |  |  15.11.10  |  send link
The photographer and his music
Image 2010|11|16

This is another and your last chance to hear Jürgen Teller talk about topics that are dear to him.

Following last Saturday's "Conversation" with Christoph Amend at Christine König gallery, Mr. Teller will talk with Edek Bartz at the library of the University of Applied Arts tomorrow.

According to rumours (spread by Mrs König herself), the two gentlement will converse about music. Interesting, no?

In the library's magazine collection, Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2, at 4 pm.

EXHIBITION |  |  15.11.10  |  send link

Image2011|11|17 -12|27

The Gallery Zauner near Linz is holding an exhibition cantered mainly around the subject of jewellery, hosting Austrian and international artists. The exhibition challenges the established ideas about what jewellery should be like and breaths some fresh air into the concept of accessorising. Displayed will be Sonja Bischur’s wonderfully crafted jewellery, Ursula Guttmann’s highly individual and innovative works, Hanna Hedman’s out of this world pieces, Estela Saez’s unbelievably clever and exciting objects and Sabine Schreckeneder’s pops of colour, creating a varied and utterly stunning exhibition. Try to make it there if you can!

Vernissage: 17th November, 7 p.m.
Galerie Zauner, Leonding
Kauttenstrasse 16