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news archive
DESIGNER |  |  28.02.10  |  send link
Oh! it's a Prada
Image While everybody else is marvelling at the delights Miuccia has concocted for the fashion flock on her Milan runway, we ask our dear readers to direct their attention to New York's Metropolitan Opera, where the first ever Met production of Verdi's "Attila" is about to hit the stage. With stage decoration by Herzog & de Meuron and, fashion-wise, costumes by Mrs Prada. According to, Mrs Prada's initial reluctance ("I cannot clothe these singers. I need models") has given way to a more generous approach of the, uhm, fleshy body. Anyhow - for the New Yorkers among you, check it out (and let us know what you think).

EVENT |  |  27.02.10  |  send link
Austrians in Paris: Radic Morger
Image 2010|03|04 - 05

The Austrian fashion label Radic Morger is back with a bang after granting itself a little break, and they will once again hit Parisian ground with a guerilla-like flashmob kind of presentation. Don't look out for them, as they'll look out for you. Radic Morger will follow fashionistas and catwalk-lovers to some of the most interesting fashion venues in town and present their fall 2010 collection outside some of the more avantgardistic fashion shows attracting a crowd that is sure to fall for the Radic Morger aesthetics. Check their website for last-minute updates, but outside Bless, le Loft Séfigné, 46 rue Sévigné, 75003 on March 4 at 9 pm is definitely a viable option...

COMPETITION |  |  26.02.10  |  send link
Typo T-Shirt
Image Berlin-based MAGMA BRAND DESIGN calls for entries in what they consider to be the first ever typography-only t-shirt competition. Submit photographs of the typo t-shirt you DESIGNED and PRODUCED yourself until March 19, and win yourself an entry in a book that will be published by Index Books in 2010. More detailed information and submissions through this website ...

EVENT |  |  25.02.10  |  send link
Kostas Murkudis 4 flip*flop @ song
Image 2010|02|26

Well, if that's not an interesting collaboration - Kostas Murkudis designed a special footwear collection for flip*flop, and the whole thing will be presented during a special event in Vienna's Song store (Praterstraße 11 - 13, 1020) tomorrow evening (6 - 9 pm). Especially good news for all the friends and fans of fashion - the designer will be present!

MAGAZINE |  |  24.02.10  |  send link
US Vogue in March: the POWER issue
Image You may well already have heard about it - if not, here's an exciting bit of news, for internet aficionad@s, that's to say... The March issue of US Vogue is not only the "power issue", it also includes an editorial shoot with some of the world's most influential fashion, style and makup bloggers. "Blogging is really interwoven with your life. I love it", says Garance Doré in the beautiful making-of video that's online on Vogue's unmissable website

EVENT |  |  23.02.10  |  send link
Design cell phone

Image 2010|02|24

How interesting: the international cell phone giant Sony underscores how fashionable its new XPERIA Pureness model is by launching it (in Austria) in Vienna's well-known Park concept store. Curious to find out whether becoming unfaithful to your iPhone is an option? Then Mondscheingasse 20, 1070 is the place to be on Feb 24 from 7 - 9 pm.

EVENT |  |  22.02.10  |  send link
Peter Pilotto & Marios Schwab catwalking
Image Unfortunately, they haven't yet made it onto the "digital schedule" of London Fashion Week, but still: Marios Schwab (today at 4.45 pm) and Peter Pilotto (tomorrow at 10.00 am) will send their fall 2010 collections out on the catwalk, so be sure you check out the results asap.

DISCOURSE |  |  20.02.10  |  send link
Fashion hub or no man's land?
Image 2010|02|24

15 fashion experts will meet the public and discuss the question whether Vienna is, or isn't, a "fashion capital". The principle is fascinating: each expert will be the host of one round table, with the audience circulating and moving from table to table.

WestLicht (photo gallery), Westbahnstraße 40, 1070
Feb. 24, starts at 7 pm

EVENT |  |  19.02.10  |  send link
Swishing in Graz
Image 2010|02|27

A swishing event in Graz! The event is powered by, and will take place on Feb 27. Attention, however: the principle isn't "bring, swap and carry home", but clothes can be "donated" (i.e. exchanged against coupons which will be used as a means of payment during the final event) throughout next week, starting on Monday through Friday (Volksgartenstraße 6a, 8020 - 9 am to 6 pm). Recycle clothes and renew your wardrobe...

WEB |  |  18.02.10  |  send link
London Fashion Week - digital schedule
Image 2010|02|19 - 23

London Fashion Week is so "now", digitally speaking - the website of LFW will feature a section called "digital schedule", available here starting on Feb. 19, which will include useful information about live streams and fashion films available online. A web-based fashionista's essential resource...

COMPETITION |  |  17.02.10  |  send link
Humanity in fashion competition
Image Finally online: the internationally renowned eco fashion brand Hess Natur went public with its initiative to host a design competition entitled "Humanity in Fashion" in January during Berlin Fashion Week. Now all necessary information and detailed sheets describing the criteria that participants should meet are finally available online. Deadline for the competition is May 14, the winner of the "Humanity in Fashion" competition will receive 25,000 euros, and the winning collection will be produced as a capsule collection highlighted within the product range of Hess Natur. Part of the jury, naturally (!): Hess Natur's infamous design guru Miguel Adrover.

BLOG |  |  16.02.10  |  send link
Image Another, new, competitive web-based media solution:, initiated by Karl Jo Seilern and Anton Waldburg, invites bloggers to post their blog entries on a highly competitive website. All contents will be rated, ratings decide about the items that will be promoted to the blogpaper's frontpage - and finally make it into a weekly print version that shall be distributed for free in London. Sounds like something you could be interested in? If so, check it out...

EVENT |  |  16.02.10  |  send link
King Oedipus' clothes ... by superated
Image on show until March 20

World literature meets fashion: Sophocles' Oedipus rex is on at Theater Spielraum in Vienna, in a production is directed by Nicole Metzger and Peter Pausz.  Interesting anyhow, but particularly interesting for fashion followers: costumes are by superated costume design.

DISCOURSE |  |  15.02.10  |  send link
Solidarity no charity...
Image 2010|02|17, 7 pm

This one is going to be an intense and informative evening: the cultural association Neue Arbeit invited 10 cultural initiatives/projects (AUSTRIANFASHION.NET being one of them) to present themselves in a pecha kucha format. Politicians and other very important people will be there too. So, if you're curious and would like to seize the entire depth and width of Vienna's cultural scene, this may well be a good opportunity to get a good overall view. At WestLicht. Schauplatz für Fotografie, Westbahnstr. 40, 1070.

DESIGNER |  |  13.02.10  |  send link
Marios Schwab for Halston
Image 2010|02|15

How exciting. We're talking about something that fashionistas have eagerly and impatiently been waiting for - Marios Schwab will present his first collection for Halston on Feb. 15 in the context of Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week. Be sure to check it out...

COMPETITION |  |  12.02.10  |  send link
New York calling Austrian designers
Image "Vibrant New York" is the representative name of a project initiated by the Austrian organisation for the Promotion of foreign trade/AWO. It offers a selection of Austrian fashion & accessory labels the possibility to present their collection in a trunk show and guerilla store/showroom that will take place in NYC in June/July. The event will be taken care of by the renowned PR agency ACC. Prior to the event, expert talks will familiarise candidates with the underlying structures of the American fashion system. For detailed information about how to apply (deadline: February 26), please go here...

EXHIBITION |  |  12.02.10  |  send link
Image 2010|02|12 - 19

The interactive exhibition project "rePOSER" is realised by ambientartlab and hosted by the styleaut-shop in collaboration with quartier21: it invites viewers to pose in front of a camera in order to become part of an exhibition project that generates images of human silhouettes based on random visual components.

EVENT |  |  11.02.10  |  send link
Let us waltz!
Image Is it a fashion-related news-item? It is indeed, since, after all, what other purpose do fashionable frocks serve but being worn on a very special occasion. One of the most special ones this country (and, let's be ambitious, the world...) has to offer is Vienna's very own Opera Ball. Tuxedos are a must, as are evening gowns... More fashion facts: The organiser is co-publisher of one of the better-known fashion magazines in Austria. And, originally, we would have included a special guest who received some negative headlines when she tried her bad luck as a designer for Ungaro. But in the end she didn't show up...

Should you prefer your sofa to the State Opera: TV transmission starts tonight at 8.15 pm on ORF 2 (9 pm on 3sat).

EXHIBITION |  |  11.02.10  |  send link
Lucerne, a digital hub?
Image 2010|02|12 - 03|21

The exhibition "Digital Material Luzern" will shed light on a selection of exciting works by students from Lucerne's University of Applied Sciences and Arts, bringing together various aspects from art, culture and technology. The show opens on Feb. 11 at 6 pm at the freiraum-quartier 21 and remains open through March 21.

EVENT |  |  10.02.10  |  send link
Gabriel Baradee / Shakkei
Image 2010|02|11 - 12

Gabriel Baradee is the young designer behind the fashion label Shakkei with a pronounced nippophile backgroud (Gabriel turned to Japanese studies before going on to become a fashion designer at ESMOD in Munich). Last year, he received a grant from the departure pioneer programme. He will show his skills to the Viennese public with a fashion show on Feb. 11 (6.30 pm at Artmark Galerie, Singerstraße 17, 1010). His graduate collection will be on sale at Artmark on Feb 11 and 12 from 6.30 pm to 9 pm.

EVENT |  |  09.02.10  |  send link
Nina Peter in Copenhagen
Image 2010|02|10 - 14

Copenhagen Fashion Week is one of the world's more important fashion events - and will take place from February 10 to 14 (in Copenhagen, logically...). Accessory specialist Nina Peter will be there and exhibit her fall 2010 collection at the Gallery showroom.

EVENT |  |  08.02.10  |  send link
Textile design trendwatch INDIGO
Image 2010|02|09 - 12

Paris, trend-scouting: INDIGO fair is dedicated to all facets of fabric design and graphics and will take place in Paris starting tomorrow. Check it out in the Parc des expositions...