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EVENT |  |  31.03.10  |  send link
Dressed to Kilt
Image 2010|04|05

Since there's been a lot of talk about traditional costume recently (think: ambassadress of dirndl...), it is interesting to see that the Austrian company Rettl takes part in the NYC event "Dressed to Kilt". So it's not all about traditional costume in the original context. Where Scots meet Alps...

EVENT |  |  31.03.10  |  send link
Modepalast Warmup
Image Every fashionist@ in Vienna (and beyond) will know that Modepalast 2010 is due to take place from April 23 - 25 in the city's MAK museum. But please be aware that a lineup of side-events kicks off on April 1st with the Modepalast Dresscode Night. And there are many more events leading up to the main act - please check this website for more information.

COMPETITION |  |  30.03.10  |  send link
Prizeworthy Handbags
Image The International Handbag Designer Awards are a competition open to every accessory designer interested in submitting a handbag design for one (and one only!) of the following categories until April 15: Best Student Made Hbg. // Best Handmade Hbg. // Most Socially Responsible Hbg. // Best Green Hbg. // Audience-Selected Hbg. // Best Hbg. in Overall Style & Design // Best Use of Crystallized Swarovski Elements // Most Innovative Hbg. Inspired by mark. PHEW! For detailed information and exact criteria of the competition see here...

EVENT |  |  29.03.10  |  send link
Mode Mode
Image 2010|04|03

Straight out of the weekend - get ready for the next one... the fashionable club evening Mode Mode will take place on April 3 at Elektro Gönner (Mariahilfer Straße 1010, 1060). Party-goers, be prepared to "be a boy" (at least that's the motto for the next edition...).

EDUCATION |  |  28.03.10  |  send link
Jewellery Design @ Herbststraße
Image The evening course for jewellery design at Herbstraße-fashion school in Vienna invites candidates for the upcoming academic year to register until April 16. The entrance exam will take place on April 21. Please refer to the school's website for more information.

COMPETITION |  |  27.03.10  |  send link
Poolbar Festival
Image Your perfect weekend occupation: take part in the online style voting that will decide about winners in the t-shirt design competition that was organised by the people from Poolside Festival. Quick, quick!

EXHIBITION |  |  26.03.10  |  send link
Nina Levett, "Neurotica"
Image 2010|03|27

All Salzburg-based people, do check out the opening of the exhibition "Neurotica" with works by Nina Levett on March 27 at 2 pm in Rudolf Budja gallery (Wiener Philharmoniker Gasse 3, 5020 Salzburg). Or indeed the exhibition itself, which remains open until May 15.

EVENT |  |  26.03.10  |  send link
Milano calling CIS
Image This is a last minute chance for everyone interested to participate in a networking journey to Milan organised by Creative Industries Styria/CIS: all members of the CIS network (this is the main condition!) who would like to join the party are asked to register for the journey until March 31. The journey will take place from April 15 - 18. More information on the CIS website.

SALE |  |  25.03.10  |  send link
Sample sale for men & women
Image 2010|03|26 + 27

Grab your purses and run... Ute Ploier and Awareness & Consciousness will join forces once again and invite all fashion people eager to pimp their spring wardrobe to attend a special sample sale that will take place in Ute's studio on March 26 (5 - 7 pm) and 27 (2 - 7 pm) - Rüdigergasse 8-3, 1050. Oh, darling buds of May...

EVENT |  |  24.03.10  |  send link
The Power of Love
Image Austrian fashion designer Maria Oberfrank/Pitour was asked to design costumes for the play "The Power of Love" which premiers at the Courtyard Theatre in London on March 25. Something for the Brits among you. The play is on until April 25 and counts Anna Winslet (yes, Kate's sister), Christoph Dostal and Lucia Katz Edwards among its cast.

EXHIBITION |  |  24.03.10  |  send link
Grandits for men
Image 2010|03|26

This is very exciting and mysterious: Vienna-based Ausstellungsstraße 53 gallery (1020) invites you to attend the opening of the exhibition "Grandits for men" by Martin Grandits, which does obviously not have to do with Grandits menswear. Yet, will fashion be a topic? Find out more on March 26, starting at 6 pm. The exhibition remains open until April 8 (Mo - Sat, 3 - 7 pm).

DISCOURSE |  |  23.03.10  |  send link
Sewing, knitting, swishing
Image 2010|03|25 - 26

The Critical Crafting Café is organised by students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna - DIY is le mot du jour, but you can leave your hausfrau-spirit at home. This is "critical crafting" that undermines typical images of femininity and decontextualizes homely knitting and sewing activities. As a side-event, clothes can be swapped. Swishingly fascinating!

The event starts on March 25, 5 pm and ends on March, 26 before midnight.

Akademie der bildenden Künste - Lehramtsinstitut - 2nd floor, room 2.11.
Karl Schweighofer-Gasse 3, 1070

EXHIBITION |  |  22.03.10  |  send link
The world of Michel Comte
Image 2010|03|24 - 05|10

Photographs by Swiss-born visual magician Michel Comte will be on display at the Vienna-based gallery of PhotographersLimitedEditions. Nude, but never vulgar - that's how you could sum up the essence of his work. And you know, the infamous image of Mme Sarkozy - it's Michel who took it.

EVENT |  |  21.03.10  |  send link
Bunny Lake: new album
Image 2010|03|24

Bunny Lake will launch their current album The Beautiful Fall tomorrow evening at Vienna's Flex club. The party starts at 8 pm, the band should be on stage by 9 pm. Fashion extra knowledge: singer Suzy on the Rocks is one of the muses of designer Anna Aichinger.

EVENT |  |  20.03.10  |  send link
Japan Fashion Week
Image Good to know: Japan Fashion Week will take place in Tokyo from March 22 - 28. Since the Austria-Japan-Year 2009 is over, the number of Austrian fashion labels present in Tokyo at that moment has gone down significantly. Do check out the homepage of Cement showroom in Tokyo and DUNE agency for updates of their showroom schedule, as both of them represent Austrian fashion labels.

EXHIBITION |  |  20.03.10  |  send link
Head off!
Image 2010|03|23

The exhibition "Off with the Heads" featuring work by Gerald Naderer, Nicole Miltner, Benjamin Tomasi, Valerie Lange, Kathrin Stumreich, David Röder and Heimo Prünster will open at Plattformquelle (Quellenstraße 149, 1100) on March 23, 7 pm (a performance by Stumreich and Röder will take place at 8 pm) and remain open on March 24 and 25, 10 am - 5 pm.

MAGAZINE |  |  19.03.10  |  send link
Out now: Sang Bleu # 05
Image The independent international fashion magazine Sang Bleu is about to launch its fifth issue.

Among the contributors: Austrian photographer and stylist Manfred Unger.

EVENT |  |  18.03.10  |  send link
It's spring in the Grätzel
Image 2010|03|19

"Grätzl" is one of those typically Viennese words that transport an entire lifestyle or deeper feeling. It does, however, easily translate as district or town quarter. But there is a je-ne-sais-quoi to the grätzl that distinguishes it from an ordinary district and turns it into something more vibrant, open-minded. Well then: some people decided it was about time to bestow some grätzl-feeling on Vienna's 3rd district - on March 19, starting at 6 pm, several studios will be open for the public and invite passers-by and an interested audience to pay them a visit. Here's the route to follow:

Painting and sculpture "Kleines Neuland" in Ungargasse 18
Fashion "Line Bins" in Ungargasse 18
Light objects "Lichtblick" in Ungargasse 18
Fashion and jewellery "Designer Werkstatt" in Ungargasse 45
Fashion "Babs-mod" in Neulinggasse 22
Pottery "Potteria" in Rasumofskygasse 19

WEB |  |  17.03.10  |  send link
A fashionable application
Image An application developped by German publisher Schiele & Schön transforms your iphone into a mobile fashion glossary: a specifically fashion-related dictionary covers the languages German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Mode à emporter...

COMPETITION |  |  16.03.10  |  send link
And the winners are...
Image What a night out we had... Our fingers still hurt from so much tweeting (you can still catch us on Twitter by looking up the #vafl hashtag) - but still, we have to let you know who the winners are... Check out our article about the Award nominees - where we marked the winners. See you in 2011?

DESIGNER |  |  16.03.10  |  send link
Dirndl makes the world a better place
Image 2010|03|24

Save the date: the ever-excentric British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood was named the Ambassadress of Traditional Austrian Costume in 2010 by an initiative headed by the Grande Dame of traditional costume, Gexi Tostmann. Mrs Westwood will be presented with the title/award on March 24 in Palais Niederösterreich, Vienna. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she'll make it to Vienna.

EVENT |  |  15.03.10  |  send link
Passion for Fashion, pt. 2
Image 2010|03|18

Your next chance to catch up with the academic Willhelm spirit (we hear that it's very relaxed working with BW as a professor - little surprising, then, that the invites and overall spirit of the upcoming presentations are ever so casual): works by all fashion students who will graduate from university this year are on show in Layr Wuestenhagen Contemporary gallery, An der Hülben 2, 1010 from March 18 (opening, starts at 7 pm) through March 31.