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news archive
EXHIBITION |  |  30.04.10  |  send link
Styrian design - in Vienna!
Image 2010|05|04 - 08|31

An integral part of the Styrian month of creativity, the exhibition "Creative Impulses from Styria" provides an overview of what the title suggests. Good insight into the rich creative scene of the Styrian region - provided by the exhibition venue that is Vienna's design forum situated in MQ/quartier21.

FESTIVAL |  |  29.04.10  |  send link
Hyères festival
Image 2010|04|30 - 05|03

Just for the record, as you already know all there is to know about this year's festival de la mode et de la photographie in Hyères: it takes place starting tomorrow and lasts until May 3, with two Austrian labels among the finalists: Natures of Conflict and Ditpych. Good luck everyone!

SHOP |  |  28.04.10  |  send link
Working Girls
Image 2010|04|29

Swarovski's flagship store in Vienna is home to an exhibition programme curated by one of the finest names in Austria's fashion theory scene: Mrs Gerda Buxbaum is in charge of the art selection featuring rotating artists. The installation "Working Girls" by Lithuanian artist Almyra Weigel thematises female roles and roleplay and will be inaugurated tomorrow.

SHOP |  |  28.04.10  |  send link
New chapter of showroom project
Image A new chapter of the continued series of temporary sales installations at Vienna's showroom | project started yesterday: Elvyra Geyer, Zigi Mueller and Maria Oberfrank are proud to present work by Andreea Tincu, DKSHW/Dernier Cri and Shakkei. Check it out in Gumpendorferstraße 36, 1060.

EXHIBITION |  |  27.04.10  |  send link
Vienna Denim Project
Image 2010|05|01 - 07|31

Now, you should never judge a book by its cover - or an exhibition by the press text that precedes it: but this does really sound quite interesting. Two marketing blokes from Vienna (self-definition!) decided that they wanted to launch their own denimwear project and familiarised themselves with the rules and norms and standards that apply for denimwear. What they found out in the course of their research is now subject of the exhibition that can be visited at Ausstellungsraum starting on May 1st (how excitingly political!).

Gumpendorferstraße 23, 1060

EVENT |  |  26.04.10  |  send link
A month full of design
Image 2010|04|30

The city of Graz, aspiring to join the network of the Unesco's Cities of Design, has its own Month of Design that will kick off on April 30. More programme info to follow - and available here...

COMPETITION |  |  26.04.10  |  send link
Image This year's ITS fashion competition (ITS is short for International Talent Support, the award is powered and hosted by the Trieste-based EVE agency and recognised as one of Europe's important platforms for upcoming contemporary fashion design) bears the title "Futuristic Voyagers" and will take place in Trieste/Italy from July 16 - 17.

Work submitted by participants has been screened throughout the past few days, and the names of all finalists of ITS#NINE are now published on the competition website. Good luck to all finalists!

COMPETITION |  |  24.04.10  |  send link
Kids in fashion 2010
Image Design talents and future fashionistas aged 4 - 23 (we believe that submissions will be classified in different categories) are invited to submit their visions of fashion until June 10 in the context of this year's Kids in Fashion competition organised by the City of Vienna. More info here.

EXHIBITION |  |  23.04.10  |  send link
Fashion (r)evolution
Image 2010|04|23 - 10|26

What an ambitious programme: an exhibition entitled "From mammoth skin to miniskirt" is open at Halbturn Castle from today through October 26. One can only hope that the said castle is spacious enough for the exhibition to be up to the promise the title holds...

COMPETITION |  |  22.04.10  |  send link
Image ... is the winner of this year's Ringstraßen Award in Vienna. Congratulations!

SALE |  |  22.04.10  |  send link
Claudia Brandmair sale
Image 2010|04|23 - 24

Vienna-based designer Claudia Brandmair invites you to her sample sale on April 23 - 24 in Ramperstorffergasse 30, apts. 7&8, 3 - 8 pm. Pieces from her summer 2010 collection will be on sale.

EVENT |  |  21.04.10  |  send link
Blickfang Basel
Image 2010|04|23 - 25

The international design, furniture and fashion trade show Blickfang will open its doors in Basel from April 23 - 25. From Austria, among others: Ina Kent, Sheela and dypol deductions.

EVENT |  |  20.04.10  |  send link
Schonen by Edwina Hörl
Image 2010|04|23 - 25

Tokyo-based Austrian designer Edwina Hörl sent us an invitation to the presentation of her fall 2010 collection in Kyodo/Tokyo. Oogiya Kazuho will play live on Friday 23rd of April (8 - 11 pm).

At so+ba,  5-29-20 Kyodo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0051

SHOP |  |  19.04.10  |  send link

Image 2010|04|22 - 24

Clemens en August are currently touring the world, and they will come to Vienna at one of the city's dense fashion peaks: they'll be here, in MAK (Weiskirchnerstrasse 1, 1010) from April 22 through 24.

COMPETITION |  |  17.04.10  |  send link

Image 2020|04|21

The final of this year's Ringstraßen-Galerien-Award will take place in Vienna's Ringstraßen-Galerien shopping complex on April 21 - the event will start at 8 pm. A new record number of submissions could be reached thanks to the collaboration with NOT JUST A LABEL.

These are this year's finalists:
mija t. rosa // DKSHW (Dernier Cri) // pitour // Shakkei // Konsanszky // Baiba Ripa // Juergen Bertsch // Ara Jo // David Alexander // Rinda Salmun.

EVENT |  |  16.04.10  |  send link
Mühlbauer "after work"
Image 2010|04|20

Klaus Mühlbauer and __fabrics interseason will meet the public in an AFTER WORK meeting organised by the design shop at Vienna's MAK museum. The event starts at 6 pm.

(This event is listed as one of the side-events of Modepalast 2010.)

EVENT |  |  15.04.10  |  send link
Image 2010|04|17

Four fashion labels (Saperlipopette, lila, anzüglich, Werkstätte Wien) will present their collections this coming Saturday at 5 pm and 8.30 pm in the Mon Ami bar/event room (Theobaldgasse 9, 1060).

(This event is listed as one of the side-events of Modepalast 2010.)

MAGAZINE |  |  14.04.10  |  send link
I Like My Style
Image How exciting: the world's first "user-generated" magazine, a fashion quarterly entitled I LIKE MY STYLE, has hit the market - another episode in the never-ending fashion 2.0 lovestory. The launch party took place in Berlin on April 9.

EXHIBITION |  |  13.04.10  |  send link
Ingenuity alla milanese
Image 2010|04|14 - 19

Milan's Salone del Mobile is a must-see for all creative wizzards and buyers who decide about next season's must-haves in terms of interior decoration. During the Salone, Milan's Zona Tortona also turns into a vibrant quarter hosting countless exhibitions and events. 41 positions of Austrian industrial and furniture design are shown in the context of "Surprising Ingenuity", an exhibition initiated by the Austrian Foreign Trade Promotion Organization (AWO).

Galvanotecnica Bugatti, via Bugatti 7, Milan

EVENT |  |  12.04.10  |  send link
Herbststrasse Fashion Show
Image 2010|04|14

It's springtime, and fashion schools as well as universities are getting in line for the grand finale of the academic year. Students from Vienna's Herbststraße Fashion Institute will show their creations in a fashion show that will take place in the city's latest party hotspot Pratersauna.

April 14, doors open at 7.30 pm, show starts at 8 pm.
Waldsteingartenstraße 135, 1020

EVENT |  |  11.04.10  |  send link
Arte y Moda in Cuba
Image 2010|04|12 - 18

Interesting and international: four Austrian fashion labels (STEINWIDDER, odrowaz, kay double U, and ni-ly) will take place in the 2010 edition of the annual Arte y Moda event in Havana/Cuba which takes place in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

EXHIBITION |  |  10.04.10  |  send link
Contemporary Photography
Image 2010|04|13 - 05|16

Here comes the next interesting exhibition tip: a survey of notable positions in Austrian contemporary photography is presented in the context of an exhibition hosted by Vienna's Westlicht museum. Promising talents such as Selina de Beauclair or Brazilian-born Roberta Lima are shown alongside more established artists (eg. the Kandl couple). Interesting for all art collectors out there: one work by each artist represented in the exhibition will be auctioned on May 29.

Westbahnstrasse 40, 1070