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EVENT |  |  31.05.10  |  send link
Image 2010|06|02

If you are a returning AUSTRIANFASHION.NET reader, chances are good that your interest goes out to fashion as well as to internet-related media phenomena. Well, we've got something for you. Meshed Conference will shed light on various aspects of social media-related goings-on - the conference takes place in "Aula der Wissenschaften" (Wollzeile 27a, 1010) on June 2.

Our special tip: Björn Schäfers talk about the impact of e-commerce on consumer behaviour and market habits.

FESTIVAL |  |  29.05.10  |  send link
Designers' Open 2010
Image Today's motto is: plan your October, and do it NOW. This year's edition of the Leipzig-based design festival Designers' Open will take place from October 29 - 31. For the first time ever, the B2C section will be complemented by a special area conceived for networking and concept presentation withoug sales activities. Register online until July 31. More information here.

FESTIVAL |  |  28.05.10  |  send link
BarCamp Vienna 2010
Image 2010|05|29 - 30

Here comes the ideal tip for all you networking and online experts - the 2010 BarCamp Vienna festival will take place this weekend in the city's Microsoft HQ. As is always the case with BarCamps, it's "participants only", as the entire audience is supposed to interfere and interact.

Interesting from a fashion perspective: the topic "how the Internet revolutionized fashion" has also been deposited, and Michaela Amort / Tschilp , Claudia R. Lukas / AUSTRIANFASHION.NET as well as Maria Ratzinger / stylekingdom are among the registered participants.

Am Europlatz 3, 1120 - Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 from 9 am.

EVENT |  |  27.05.10  |  send link
Vienna's first fashion:mob
Image 2010|05|28

A fashion experience of the other kind: Vienna's first fashion:mob will take place tomorrow in Große Neugasse (1050). A fashion:mob seems to be a hybrid form, half fashion show, half flashmob. Very vibrant, very quick, very futile, ladies and gentlemen. The fashion:mob is organised by Mario Soldo and mother agency, showcasing fashion by Sandra Bamminger's House of Boing.

Tamara Mascara, no stranger to faithful readers of, will animate a "pavement disco" starting at 3 pm, the fashion show starts at 7 pm (head for the part of Große Neugasse situated near Wiedner Hauptstraße).

FESTIVAL |  |  26.05.10  |  send link
European Design Festival
Image 2010|05|27 - 30

Off to Rotterdam you go, as the buzzing Dutch port town will be home to this year's edition of ED Festival from May 27 to 30. Specialists from the entire continent will convene to discuss topics of interest from a wide range of thematic fields. Erwin Bauer, the Vienna-based design wizzard and achieved graphic design artist, is also among the speakers invited to participate.

JOB |  |  26.05.10  |  send link
How to Present Fashion
Image Just in: a job call from the University of Linz fashion department in Vienna/Hetzendorf Uni. If you are a native speaker of the English tongue (or equivalent) and would like to lecture on adequate modes and models of fashion presentation - here you go.

Deadline for job applications is June 16, here you'll find relevant details.

EVENT |  |  25.05.10  |  send link
assembly design festival
Image 2010|05|27 - 30

The design festival "assembly" will take place in the Styrian capital Graz starting on May 27 through May 30. A lot of design and, consequently also fashion-related events will take place in town. For example an outdoor Street Style Fashion Show scheduled for May 28 at 5 pm, or the Kastner & Öhler Fashion Award ceremony on May 29 at 8 pm. The detailed festival schedule is online here.

COMPETITION |  |  25.05.10  |  send link
Alexandra Hager wins SCREENings
Image Congratulations! Austrian photographer Alexandra Hager took part in this year's edition of SCREENings , an annual competition for professional photographers. Alexandra's online portfolio so impressed members of the jury that they picked her as the winner of the competition. All finalists of SCREENings were presented to the public in an exhibition that took place in Frankfurt on May 14. Print editions by the three top ranked finalists will be sold online on .

EVENT |  |  24.05.10  |  send link
Image The summer degree show season is about to kick off in London - with noteworthy fashion institutions and talent factories like Central Saint Martins or the London College of Fashion, swinging London is definitely the place to be for talent scouts and everyone interested in interesting fashion impulses.

Check out this "Showtime" overview on the website of London's University of the Arts for details - and book your flight NOW ...

ARTICLE |  |  22.05.10  |  send link
Weekend Reading Suggestion
Image As your AUSTRIANFASHION.NET editorial team members are tirelessly swimming through and fishing in the WWW, we came across this really interesting article written by Amy Odell for New York Magazine.

In "Design Students Can't Get Jobs", the author looks into alas all too grim job perspectives for fashion graduates in the tricky domain of accessory design. Take this: only 10 % of all F.I.T. accessory design graduates find jobs that match their training. Question to be asked: what about the rest...?

And - if this is the case in New York, what about in more marginal fashion capitals?

EXHIBITION |  |  21.05.10  |  send link
BLESS: Retroperspective Home
Image 2010|05|22 - 08|29

The trend-setting German fashion duo BLESS, founded by designers Ines Kaag and Désirée Heiss in 1997, will come to the Kunsthaus Graz where the exhibition "BLESS n°41 / Retrospective Performance" opens tonight. It will remain open for visitors until the end of August, and we are definitely all looking forward to the in-situ installation that BLESS created for the first floor of the art bubble that is the Kunsthaus Graz. For more information, click here.

DISCOURSE |  |  20.05.10  |  send link
La Nuova Haute Couture
Image 2010|05|21

Something for you Berliners and fashion theory addicts (and we know that Berlin is the place to be for a committed fashion intelligentsija...) - the Italian fashion theoretician Enrica Morini will talk about "La Nuova Haute Couture - Chanel e Dior" in Italian language with simultaneous translation.

This talk talks place in the framework of an ongoing series of fashion talks in the lecture hall of the Kulturforum / Cultural Forum in Berlin, Matthäikirchplatz 6, 10785 Berlin and starts at 6 pm.

SHOP |  |  20.05.10  |  send link
Pop Up Store

Image 2010|05|21

Surprises never end - a very spontaneous pop-up store will, well, "pop up" in Zinckgasse in Vienna's 15th district tomorrow afternoon (starts at noon, until 6.30 pm) - designers and craftsmen and women will sell their beautiful objects. For a list of participants see here.

So let's all pop over, what do you think?

EXHIBITION |  |  19.05.10  |  send link
advanced minority poolbar style

Image 2010|05|20

Advanced Minority will host a special exhibition to accompany this year's Poolbar Festival in Vienna's exquisite Pratersauna venue .

The exhibition opens on May 20 in Pratersauna at 8.30 pm.

EXHIBITION |  |  18.05.10  |  send link
Flowers for Kim Il Sung
Image 2010|05|19 - 09|05

This exhibition may not be about fashion, but as fashion draws its inspirations from many a source - do consider this extraordinary exhibition tip: Vienna's Museum of Applied Arts/MAK gives insight into the North Korean art and advert scene in a show entitled "Flowers for Kim Il Sung". Definitely something off the beaten track.

EXHIBITION |  |  18.05.10  |  send link
Fashionable Window Shopping
Image 2010|05|19 - 05|23

Be quick, as this fabulous exhibition will be open for no longer than five days: beautiful images from fashion spreads published in the Friday supplement of Die Presse daily newspaper, "Schaufenster" (German for shop window) will be on display in a special one-off gallery show.

That's fashion productions at their very best, so be sure to check them out in Base-Level gallery, Heinrichgasse 4 (enter via Rudolfsplatz), 1010

WEB |  |  15.05.10  |  send link
Online Swishing
Image If you're the flea market kind of person, you'll probably like this: the German website/online shop/platform KLEIDERKREISEL invites you to create a profile and sell your used and worn things, or your self-made things, or whatever it is you want to sell.

We like the idea of an online swishing approach, even though we weren't able to quite figure out where swishing stops and where selling starts. But see for yourself, this is our weekend web tip.

SHOP |  |  14.05.10  |  send link
Fashion LAB Graz
Image A new address to remember for your shopping trip to the Styrian capital Graz: the store Fashion LAB opened last week and displays collections by 20 contemporary fashion labels. The shop was designed by architect Andreas Reiter and is managed by fashion designer Alexandra Pötz. This pilot project understands itself as an open platform that thematises fashion production as well as distribution and sales. The project is financed by Creative Industries Styria until the end of this year and shall then continue working in its own right.

Klosterwiesgasse 5, 8010

SALE |  |  14.05.10  |  send link
Academic Fashion Sale
Image 2010|05|15

After everything we told you about the outstanding quality and originality in the work of students at the fashion masterclass of the University of Applied Arts, you won't want to miss this:

A special sale will take place tomorrow in the university's entrance hall, Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2, 1010 - May 15 from 2 pm - 8 pm.

EXHIBITION |  |  13.05.10  |  send link
Le Grand Bal
Image 2010|05|13 - 09|26

A wonderful exhibition entitled "Le Grand Bal" opens today in the Musée Christian Dior in Granville, in the Manche-region in North-Western France. No less than 50 evening gowns created by the great master will be on display - and this explosion of Haute Couture will be contextualised and shown alongside paintings, perfume, jewellery etc. Everything that makes "le grand bal" the unique experience that it is. And Vienna people do know about that, don't they?

EXHIBITION |  |  12.05.10  |  send link
Look / Don't Look
Image 2010|05|12 - 06|04

The second module of an ongoing series of theoretical reflections upon fashion that become manifest as exhibition projects is entitled "Don't Look Now / Look Now" and brings together positions of contemporary fashion photography from Austria.

The exhibition remains open until June 4 in ESC Graz, Jakoministraße 18/I, 8010

COMPETITION |  |  11.05.10  |  send link
Eligius Jewellery Award
Image The Austrian province of Salzburgs opens calls for the third edition of its Eligius Jewellery Award. The winner will receive 5,000 €, a scholarship of 2,500 € will be presented to a young jewellery design talent.

The deadline for the award is July 30, 2010. Fore more details download the info sheet here.