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news archive
WORKSHOP |  |  30.06.10  |  send link
Global ideas
Image 2010|07|01

The conference "World of Ideas" is organised by the international division of Austria's Chamber of Commerce and will take a look at the concept "idea" and its relevance in the context of globally functioning creative industries.

More information about programme and location can be found here.

EXHIBITION |  |  29.06.10  |  send link
OSTFORM gallery opening
Image 2010|06|29

A last minute announcement: OSTFORM gallery will open its doors tonight (Sandwirtgasse 8 - 10, 1060, starts at 6 pm). This new venue will show work by artists and designers from the CEE countries (including Austria).

The opening exhibition showcasts creations by FIN (Slovenia), Tatjana Tatalovic (Serbia), Andy Wolf (Austria), Camou (Hungary) and many more. As our colleagues from The Gap rightly put it: this new venue is so underground, it doesn't even have a website.

After all, there's more to life than the Internet...?

EVENT |  |  29.06.10  |  send link
Africa Fashion Week

Image 2010|06|30 - 07|30

We all know: there's always a fashion week near you... So, as the world keeps looking towards South Africa for reasons that come in groups of eleven, a leather ball and a lot of lawn, our fashion tip is the International Africa Fashion Week that takes place in Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. Designers with African roots from all over the world will show their collection.

Our learning: AFA can also mean "African Fashion Awards" - they'll be given away on July 5th.

MAGAZINE |  |  28.06.10  |  send link
Berlin Fashion Week magazine
Image 2010|07|07 - 11

Save the date: Berlin Fashion Week is on from July 7 - 11, menswear and womenswear of course.

The 10th anniversary BFW magazine is ready for download here.

DISCOURSE |  |  27.06.10  |  send link
Urban Landscapes & Fashion
Image 2010|06|28

Gabriele Mentges will speak (in German) about "Urban Landscapes Reflected through Fashion".

Karl Schweighofer Gasse 3/2, 1070, starts at 6.30 pm.

EXHIBITION |  |  26.06.10  |  send link
Image until 2010|07|17

The very interesting exhibition DYSFASHIONAL looks into crossover project and interdisciplinary efforts that bring together fashion and art.

Another good reason to travel to Berlin, these days - the show is on at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt until July 17.

EVENT |  |  25.06.10  |  send link
Block Party Kirchengasse
Image 2010|06|25

The shop cluster in Vienna's Kirchengasse (1070) organises yet another Block Party, a shop-till-you-drop blockbuster. Special events will take place starting at 5 pm in all the shops that are listed here ...

WEB |  |  24.06.10  |  send link
Bernhard Willhelm live
Image 2010|06|26

Save the date: the Bernhard Willhelm menswear show is streamed live on Sat June 26 on from 12.00 to 2 pm.

EVENT |  |  24.06.10  |  send link
Stitching Green
Image 2010|06|24 - 07|22

Frau Jona&son and Alila are the designers invited by Gebrüder Stitch to power their special display window. Opens this Thursday at 6 pm. All the important information here.

DISCOURSE |  |  23.06.10  |  send link
"Fashioning the Modern Self"
Image 2010|06|25

And another fashion talk - for the Berliners among our readers, this time: Christopher Breward from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London will talk about "Fashioning the Modern Self. Dress, Identity and the Cavalier" on June 25 in Kunstgewerbemuseum.

The talk starts at 6 pm. For details see here.

EXHIBITION |  |  23.06.10  |  send link
The Essence 10
Image 2010|06|24 - 07|18

By now, our readers should be more or less familiar with the fashion department at Vienna's University of Applied Arts. Projects by students from all departments will once again be shown in the exhibition "The Essence" , which will open in its 2010 edition on June 23 in Künstlerhaus (starts at 7 pm) and will then be on until July 18.

To slightly alter the slogan of the university's fashion department: We like applied arts!

EVENT |  |  23.06.10  |  send link
Menswear S/S 10 Paris
Image 2010|06|23 - 27

After Milan (traditionally quite poor in terms of Austrian fashion presence), off to Paris: Petar Petrov is the only Austrian label listed in the official show schedule, but superated, House of the Very Island's , Ute Ploier, Wilfried Mayer and FLorian Jewellery will also be there.

MAGAZINE |  |  22.06.10  |  send link
Image All you ever wanted to know about Agyness Deyn (and more, probably) is contained in her latest venture, an online magazine powered by Agyness' creative spirit and the editorial skills of her friend Fiona Byrne.

Check out NAAG here.

EXHIBITION |  |  21.06.10  |  send link
Fashion Fantasies at the V&A
Image 2010|06|21 - 2011|01|01

The exhibition "Fashion Fantasies. Fashion Plates and Fashion Satire" that can be visited in London's Victoria & Albert Museum starting today juxtaposes two genres beckoning out to fashion: fashion plates and graphic social satire.

The exhibition showcases exhibits that were created between 1775 and 1925. That's a special treat for everyone interested in the social dimension of fashion and fashion history.

DISCOURSE |  |  19.06.10  |  send link
Creative hub - London
Image 2010|06|21

That's quite a fashion discourse highlight: design theoretician Alison Clarke and V&A curator Oriole Cullen will talk about "London as a hub for creative talent".

This fashion talk (starts at 9 pm) is part of a series of events that take place alongside the exhibition "Fish and Chips, Twice Please !?".

SALE |  |  18.06.10  |  send link
Backyard Sale Action
Image 2010|06|19 - 20

For all you sale-fanatics out there: Pratersauna Backyard Sale, which we already told you about, is on this weekend. Lots of super fashionable fashion stuff on sale, sold by private sellers and a bunch of very well-known fashion brands and institutions.

Check out the exact schedule and list of sellers here.

COMPETITION |  |  17.06.10  |  send link
El Botón 2010
Image Talking about awards and nominees and finalists, and talking about Isabelle Steger, actually:

The Austrian designer, who received the Fashion Award of the City of Vienna yesterday and who currently holds a position at Jil Sander is also, and very importantly, one of the finalists selected for this year's edition of the Mango Fashion Award "El Botón".

We will keep you informed about further developments in this award worth a very, very impressive amount of money. And we keep our fingers crossed for Isabelle, needless to say...

EVENT |  |  17.06.10  |  send link
Pitti Uomo / Florence
Image Pitti Uomo is currently taking place in Florence. Pitti TV gives online insight into a great many events taking place these days in Tuscany.

And: Jil Sander Menswear moved from Milan to Florence with this year's show - a livestream of the show that takes place tonight from 9.15 pm can be watched on

DISCOURSE |  |  17.06.10  |  send link
About 2nd and 3rd skins...
Image 2010|06|17

Tonight (starting at 6 pm), students from the second year of the interior design course at NDU University St Pölten will present work that explores the question of "artificially created space" - from layers of cloth on your skin to actual interior design.

More information here.

EVENT |  |  16.06.10  |  send link
3rd dimension?

Image 2010|06|18

A creative cluster has formed in Vienna's third district - studios and shops invite passers-by and everyone interested in their creative output to pay them a visit on Friday, June 18 from 2 - 8 pm. At the Neulinggasse - Ungargasse intersection, artists and designers are set to "conquer the street"...

Participants: // // // Lichtblick - lighting // Designer Werkstatt - art and design // Salon Helga - hairdresser // //

WEB |  |  15.06.10  |  send link
Fashion 2.0:
Image The new web platform is now operative - co-founder Andreas Klinger set up this ambitious web tool that invites design talents to submit their designs which will then be evaluated by internet users, produced, and eventually sold through a webshop with international profile.

We're definitely curious to find out about eventual results of this concept. The best of luck!

EVENT |  |  15.06.10  |  send link
Hetzendorf shows its fashion
Image 2010|06|18

The pupils of Vienna's Hetzendorf fashion school will show their creations from the academic year 09/10 in a fashion school that takes place on June 18 in the park outside Hetzendorf Palace.

Amazing: a livestream will be available, that's good to know as the website tells us that almost all the tickets have already been sold.