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FESTIVAL |  |  27.04.12  |  send link
Hyères 2012
Image2012|04|27 - 30

There is no need for introduction of the now almost legendary Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography taking place for the 27th time, but reminding of its many attractions is always a must. Besides all the usual and much loved action during the festival, take note of the 12th INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE AND FASHION CONFERENCES tackling topics such as financing, authorship, innovation as well as looking into creativity, craftsmanship and fashion’s on-going love-affair with the cinema. The conferences live up to the festival’s name as they include talks by professionals whose ideas and views you will want to hear. Yohji Yamamoto, Carla Sozzani, and many others bring fashion off its white horse back into the crowd once more!

Watch Hyères LIVE on!

Festival: 27th- 30th April
Conferences: 28th- 29th April
Exhibits: 28th April- 26th May

Villa Noailles
Montée de Noailles
83 400 Hyères

DESIGNER |  |  27.04.12  |  send link
Atelier Opening

Who doesn’t fancy a designer who takes a DIY practice and turns it into a most stylish art form? Veronika Persché has been enchanting Austria and beyond with her knitted designs, and has now a new atelier to show the wonderful work off. To meet and bond with other knit-enthusiasts, head to the opening party of Veronika’s new space. You can browse through the collection, listen to live-music and snack on Bio-nibbles, all the while enjoying a stylish day out.

starts at 15:00
1170, Steinergasse 8/2

SHOW |  |  27.04.12  |  send link
Fashion Friday

Set your weekend to a good start by indulging yourself in some serious fashion overload. The Generali Center has enlisted 8 of its stores to present their newest spring collections and so offer some inspiration to even the most desperately stuck fashionistas. You will be ending the day with the ultimate study in craftsmanship and individuality through a fashion show of over 70 designs, all by the talented students of the Michelbeuern Fashion-school. The show, entitled COUTURE POUR TOU, is set to once again remind of the tremendous potential of young Austrian fashion.

Generali Center
1070, Mariahilferstraße 77

SALE |  |  25.04.12  |  send link
Diptych Pop-up Store
Image2012|04|26 - 29

Founded in 2009 by friends Valerie Lange and Ali Zedtwitz, Diptych has been sweeping fashion awards ever since. The brand’s subtle allusions to Jil Sander’s style are a result of the duo’s time spent working under Raf Simons, but the clothes are anything but a copy. Injected with mature individuality and playfulness all to its own, we dare you not to go crazy over their recent S/S ’12 collection entitled Golden Brown which will be presented and available during a pop-up store. Welcome the summer in true style!

12:00 - 20:00
1060, Getreidema​rkt 11

SHOW |  |  24.04.12  |  send link
The Chic Boutique

Die Ausstellungstrasse is the ultimate place for cool exhibits and project displays, and the Chic Boutique proves this right. Taking the concept of applied art inside-out, it shows the difficulty of labeling the young artists of today. Embracing their diversity and sense of freedom instead, the Chic Boutique brings you a series of events, presenting the genre-less nature of contemporary art. The Boutique starts off on a fashionable note with a fashion show by the designers Julian Cech, Astrid Deigner, Sara Glaxia, Zorana Janjic, Kris Lemsalu, Lazar Lyutakov and Niki Weitzer.

Exhibition: until 10th June
1020, Ausstellungsstrasse 53

EXHIBITION |  |  23.04.12  |  send link
Bettina Rheims: Gender Studies
Image2012|04|21 - 2012|05|17

The concept of androgyny is far from a new one, but never has it been as out in the open as now. A new exhibition by photographer Bettina Rheims, featuring 27 spectacular photographs of young androgynous people, breathes new life into the issue, showing the hidden ‘third sex’. Exploring the drastic changes within the sex issue which have been taking place in the 20th Century, Rheims is open-minded and dedicated to promoting contemporary life-styles. Featuring shots of Andrej Pejic amongst many others, this exhibit will stay with you even after you leave.

NRW-Forum Düsseldorf
Ehrenhof 2
40479 Düsseldorf

SALE |  |  19.04.12  |  send link
Shopping weekend
Image2012|04|19 - 21

You will be spoilt for choice with this spring’s shopping opportunities taking place all over Vienna. Brace yourself for a weekend packed with affordable luxuries in the form of highly individual clothes and accessories. Look for one-offs and prototypes from the urban chic mangelware and jewellery from fein at the Szalon de Luxe. Get the handmade pieces from Awareness&Consciousness and gorge on some of the artsy and contemporary collections of Clemens en August. Making sure no one else in town has the same pieces as you has never been easier, so make a weekend out of it and shop away!

mangelware and fine
21st April, 14:00-19:00
Hof2 / Mezzanin
1070, Museumsplatz1

20th April, 15-20h
21st April, 15-19h
27th April, 15-18h
1150, Goldschlagstrasse 8

Clemens en August
19th-21st April
Leopold Museum
Museumsplatz 1

SALE |  |  19.04.12  |  send link
Fashion Fleamarket

Bloggers nowadays do much more than just blog. They get involved in events, exhibitions, fashion shows, and now, they even organise their own fleamarkets. Bringing together some wonderful vintage, second-hand, hand-made and design pieces, the market promises stunner fashion, and knowing the bloggers’ style expertise, we have no reason to expect less. Be it clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes or bags, something will most definitely catch your eye!

Organised by Cool Outfit
11:00 - 18:00

1120, Premlechnergasse 12/B

EVENT |  |  18.04.12  |  send link
SchnittBOGEN Opening

A dynamic platform for the fashion and creative arts industry, the SchnittBOGEN is Vienna’s first ever fashion design prototype workshop, welcoming professionals as well as first-timers into its premises, offering not only professional equipment but also valuable advice on textile, fashion and design. Come explore the site during the opening, get to see the workspace, nibble on some finger-food, have drinks and watch a fashion-show, and we bet you will be back again mending, tweaking or even making your own clothes.

Gumpendorfer Gürtel, Bogen 3-4
1060, Vienna

EXHIBITION |  |  17.04.12  |  send link
Image2012|04|18 - 2012|06|17

The Italians behind the Milanese Furniture Fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile are well aware of the importance of side events. When in town then, don’t miss the Ultrabody art exhibit, exploring the role of the body in creative processes, presenting a truly varied display of works. The Austrian jewellery designer Ursula Guttmann is one of the chosen by the architect and curator Beppe Finessi participants, bringing an individual and exciting array of products into the exhibition. Housed at a quintessentially Italian castle, the merge of tradition and cutting-edge contemporary art promise an exhibition to attract masses.

Castello Sforzesco
Piazza Castello,
20121 Milan

COMPETITION |  |  16.04.12  |  send link
Red Carpet meets GlamRock

Already in its 9th season, the Ringstrassen Galerien Awards have become a stylish event to look forward to every time. From the many submissions, the eight finalists have been chosen, featuring Mark & Julia, Mariella Morgana Mayer, diARmo, Stefan Teske, Manufaktur Herzblut, Tina Elisabeth Reiter, Semiramis and Anouk Wipprecht. A special presentation of this year’s star-designer Ole Yde from Copenhagen will also be taking place, promoting the quality of Danish design, while DJ and producer Richard Dorfmeister keeps the tunes coming throughout the evening and into the night. A night to remember surely!

starts at 20:00
1010, Kärntner Ring 5 - 7

EXHIBITION |  |  16.04.12  |  send link
3041mm Jewellery
Image2012|04|19 - 20

Students of the Herbststraße Jewellery Design programme are set to present a selection of their most recent work in an exhibition entitled 3041mm. The exhibit, including the works of 14 students promises to display a wide range of fresh talents, proving once again the diversity and potential of the Austrian design and creative graduates. An evening full of music and drinks under the code-name beats&beer will make the experience even more enjoyable, and it would be a shame to miss it!

Studio Kasulke
1060, Liniengasse 15

EVENT |  |  13.04.12  |  send link
Modepalast Linz
Image2012|04|13 - 15

After Modepalast’s Viennese success over the long ten years it has been running, the fashion and design show is coming to Linz. Presenting the collections of 44 Austrian as well as international designers, the event will also feature a section entitled Local Heroes, showing the creations of local Upper Austrian talents. A collaboration with the School of Fashion Design Ebensee also means more supporting events, so watch out for special exhibits and happenings.

Ursulinenhof im OÖ Kulturquartier
OK Platz 1
4020 Linz

FILM TV |  |  11.04.12  |  send link
GONDA Film Screening

The Austrian-born artist Ursula Mayer is set to present her newest film GONDA in the contemporary space of London’s East End Whitechapel Gallery. The film, looking into the issues of modernism and its impact on our society and culture promises to be a true artistic masterpiece based on a screenplay by Maria Fusco and starring the transgender model Valentijn de Hingh. The screening will be followed by some Q&A with Mayer, continuing the intellectually inspiring evening you shouldn’t miss.

Whitechapel Gallery
77-82 Whitechapel High Street
E1 7QX, London

SHOW |  |  11.04.12  |  send link
Performance 2012
Image2012|04|12 - 13

The creative concentration of young talents at the Herbststrasse Fashion School is unquestionable, a fact proven right year after year. Their most recent Performance will see the students present their work centred on the concepts of juxtapositions and antithesis. Having "Archaeology of the Future" as the leading topic, the students will be presenting their individual interpretations of it, making for a show with true creative power and originality.

Posterdesign by Julia Matzner, Make-up artist & Model: Karin Mosgöller, Foto © Daniel Novotny

Die Herbststraße - Schulzentrum
1160, Herbststraße 104

COMPETITION |  |  09.04.12  |  send link
The Good Style Contest
Image2012|04|01 - 06|30

Green fashion is becoming more and more prominent each season. The waste of resources in the production of clothes is not only harmful to the planet, but also extremely careless from the side of us as the consumers in a time when new clothes are bought almost on a daily basis. GLOBAL 2000 has decided to do something about this and involve young individuals in a green fashion contest promoting the recyclation of old pieces of clothing. The idea is simple, breathe new life into your old clothes, put up the photos of your product and hope to be voted the best of them all. More style, less waste!

DISCOURSE |  |  07.04.12  |  send link
Friday on Thursday in Vienna


The Suisse reports magazine Reportagen in collaboration with the Freitag stores around Germany, Switzerland and Austria, have organized a series of lectures entitled Friday on Thursday, providing visitors a unique peek into the hard work and many obstacles that accompany a journalistic career today. One of these informative and interactive lectures will take place in Vienna, and will see the author Sibylle Berg talking about her own experiences. The lecture "Journalism Is A Lie - A subjective view of the world" is a perfect opportunity to get some insight know-how for all the budding journalists or writers out there - and for everyone else, it’s simply some well spent culture down-time!(For further reading about the Friday manufacture see our article here!)

Freitag Store Vienna
1070, Neubaugasse 26

CAMPAIGN |  |  05.04.12  |  send link
Equal Payday Austria

The international female network BPW (Business and Professional Women) is standing strong and fighting for women’s right of equal pay. Even in our modern day and age, the wage gender gap is forever widening, a fact inspiring heated debates and controversies all over the world. BPW Austria is therefore continuing their initiative to bring the issue into the open and deal with it correctly with a nationwide campaign, aiming to inspire a constructive dialogue about this core issue. The initiative, called ‘Equal Pay Day ’ is promoting positive changes in our working, and social, environment, aiming for a simple result - same worktime, same pay. As a symbol for the gender gap that effects women "being in the red", the red bag is being used for this nation-wide campaign.

EXHIBITION |  |  02.04.12  |  send link
Glanz und Grauen
Image2012|03|09 - 27|01|2013

Historical costume has always inspired many a fashion enthusiast, but it is the everyday clothes of ordinary people that can have the most arresting effect. The LVR Industry Museum in Ratingen, Germany, is housing an exhibition entitled Glanz und Grauen – Mode im Dritten Reich, looking into the more mundane side of fashion during the NS-regime, as well as exhibiting some pieces of evening- and formal-wear. Elegant dresses, dirndl, officer- and party-uniforms set up a uniquely whole picture of the everyday world of the national socialism population, reflecting the political significance and conformity of fashion at the time. It’s the result of a reserach project investigating socio-cultural aspects of the fashion history in the 1930`s and 40`s.

Textilfabrik Cromford
Cromforder Allee 24
40878 Ratingen

SHOP |  |  01.04.12  |  send link
The Runwayshop
Image2012|04|02 - 05

The At First Sight boutique is presenting a special selection of their designer range in the spaces of the OÖ KUNSTVEREIN in Linz. The chosen clothes are set into the background of an art installation by Sophia Hatwagner and Mario Kiesenhofer. The unique concept, called The Runwayshop, is a merge of an art space with fashion, creating a very special atmosphere for the designer pieces. A pop-up store at its best we think!

Opening: 2nd April, 18:00
3rd-5th April, 10:00 - 19:00
Landstrasse 31
4020 Linz