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news archive
CAMPAIGN |  |  30.09.12  |  send link
Global Jacket Project

Fashion label’s KAYIKO social art initiative called the Global Jacket Project is all up in arms again, and this time, the concept of creating jackets which will travel the world raising awareness about certain issues has been given a revamp. Four Austrian brands- KAYIKO, Madames with a Mission, Liniert and Shakkei each designed a jacket in support of Ute Bock’s refugee project. To add your own bit to the project, take part in the grand benefit organised in collaboration with the fashion college Herbststrasse.

Modeschule Herbststrasse
1160 Vienna

BOOK |  |  26.09.12  |  send link
Elfie Semotan Book Presentation

The internationally acclaimed Austrian fashion photography icon that is Elfie Semotan has a new book out, and it’s your chance to get an exclusive first-hand look not just at the book itself, but at its artist too. The book called stand-ins, composed of Polaroid images taken in preparation for the actual shoots, is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of Elfie’s artistic process. The book presentation will be conducted in the form of a conversation between Elfie Semotan and the director of the MUMOK- Karola Kraus. See you there!

19:00 - 21:00
Walther König

DISCOURSE |  |  25.09.12  |  send link
impulse insight

The impulse programme of the ‘austria wirtschaftservice’ (aws - Austrian Economic Development Service, a federal development and financing bank) is the nationwide promotional scheme for the creative economy. Within the frame of Vienna Design Week, impulse has organised the insight event, providing information and first-hand professional advice, as well as answers to all questions you might have concerning creative industry options, grants, trainings and much more. Supporting Austrian creativity and making it more publicly visible is what impulse is all about, so if you need anything from advice to answers or help, this is the event to participate in. To join in, register until the 2nd October!

Designforum Wien
1070, Museumsplatz 1

MAGAZINE |  |  21.09.12  |  send link
Image2012|09|22 - 23

There is still a lot of artistry left in the business of publishing, and paying homage to it is Kunsthalle’s 3rd edition of the Independent Publishers and Artzine Fair Vienna. Gathering exhibitors, artists and publishers from all over the world, the two-day event strives to highlight the undeniable passion hidden behind the often commercialised industry. It will show self-published books and magazines, special pieces and small circulation gems, intertwined with interesting lectures and conversations on the topic. Come and experience the enthusiasm yourself!

Kunsthalle Wien, Halle 1

SHOP |  |  19.09.12  |  send link
Late Night Shopping


Combining a fun shopping experience with the promotion of Vienna’s fashion and design districts makes a lot of sense. What better time to do it then on one of the last relatively balmy evenings of September? 7tm invites you to a Late Night Shopping happening all around the 6th district of Vienna, involving numerous shops who are set to be offering anything from sale pieces, new collections, different events and much more. Bring your friends and shop away!

16:00 - 22:00
1060, Gumpendorfer Straße

EVENT |  |  15.09.12  |  send link
Sneakerness 2012

The sneaker convention everyone has been waiting for is finally back in town, inviting all sneaker-fans, collectors or shoppers for a day of unrivalled sports shoe lavishness. Sneakerness is the absolute destination for discovering brand-new models, innovative technologies, coolest designs and largest collections of sneakers in Europe. What’s more, you can do far more than just look around as many designs are up for sale, so you might just walk out with that one pair no one else in town will be sporting anytime soon. The hype is big and we believe it!

Media Opera
1030, Karl Farkas Gasse 19

SALE |  |  12.09.12  |  send link
rosa mosa Sample Sale
Image2012|09|13 + 14

To get a taste of true Austrian design with a hint of internationalism and otherworldliness, there is no one better to pay a visit to than rosa mosa. The label is having a sample sale in their new space, so come if looking for a state-of-the-art craftsmanship infused with a playful quirkiness and masterly quality. The shoes on sale will not only entice you, but also keep your finances intact. See you there!

thursday, 17:00 - 21:00
friday, 12:00 - 19:00

Linke Wienzeile 178
Top 125 + 126
1060 Vienna

FILM TV |  |  10.09.12  |  send link
ORF’s Kulturmontag

As a part of this evening’s ORF’s Kulturmontag series, Nadja Bernhard is set to present a couple of fashion relevant topics, namely the Trachten (Traditional Costume) boom, and the legend that is Vivienne Westwood. Inviting prominent guests as speakers, the programme promises to be a fashion-packed edition, and we for one are looking forward to a good TV night.

ORF 2, 22:30

EXHIBITION |  |  08.09.12  |  send link
Digital Crystal
Image2012|09|05 - 2013|01|13

Swarovski has long been pioneering artistic collaborations, and its newest venture sets the importance of the brand in promoting new unique talent in stone. London’s Design Museum has teamed up with Swarovski for a Digital Crystal exhibition, commissioning 15 extraordinary artists and designers to each create a display dedicated to exploring the future of memory.  What’s more, even you could take part in the exhibition itself by tweeting #digitalcrystal, and waiting until your message pops-up on a beautiful crystal chandelier.

Design Museum
28 Shad Thames
London SE1 2YD

SHOW |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
Susanne Bisovsky ‘s Everlasting Collection

The MQ Summer of Fashion is nearly over, but it is far from waning when it comes to interesting events. Affirming this is the fashion show presenting Susanne Bisovsky’s haute-couture pieces under the name Everlasting Collection. Taking garments and reworking their whole essence is at the core of Bisovsky’s design process, and never has there been a time when her interviewing of the past and the present or the ethnic and the urban hasn’t been utterly relevant and beautiful to look at. Join us!

Ovalhalle im MQ
1070, Museumsplatz 1/5

HOLIDAY |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
Hello again!
We are officially back and in full power, preparing all the freshest news for you as always. We are ready to move on from the lazy summer days to the action-packed fashion weeks, store openings, parties and new exhibits. We have some exciting new features ready for you here at austrianfashion, so keep checking in, as well as following us on Twitter and Facebook. Already, you can scroll down for some of the September highlights!

DISCOURSE |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
IFB Conference New York

Leading up to New York Fashion Week are two days of the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference, hosted and prepared by bloggers in order to offer advice and guidance to their peers. Discussed will be the important topics of the future of blogging, the ethical and legal rules of the job, as well as the entrepreneurial side of developing a blog. Prepared are panels, discussion sessions and Q&As, featuring names such as Derek Blasberg or Coco Rocha. If New York is too far off for you, make sure you follow the Con live on Twitter #IFBCON

82 Mercer Street
New York

SHOP |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
Eva Blut and Stilrad°° Opening

The fashion and design world is always open to creative collaborations, drawing parallels between often clashing mediums or styles, but it’s all with a concept in mind, and we believe as much about the new joint store of accessory label Eva Blut and city bicycle specialist Stilrad°°. Merging the world of high-quality purses and bags of Eva Blut with the expertise and chicness of Stilrad°°’s bikes, we foresee nothing but the perfect partnering of urban elegance and trendy utility. See for yourself during the grand opening!

1010, Jordangasse 3, Ecke Schultergasse

SHOW |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
Fashion Weeks
ImageSpring Summer 2013

Fashion weeks make this seasonal transition we are entering all worth while, as we all carefully follow the newest takes on skirt lengths, jacket cuts, materials, textures and what have you. Nothing less than influential trend-setting will be coming our way from the four fashion capitals, be it from the runway or off it, and the biggest names in fashion design are preparing to wow, stun and impress. We will be paying special attention to all the Austrian talent abroad, so join us and tune in into the fashion month of September!

New York, 5th-13th September
London, 14th- 18th September
Milan, 19th- 25th September
Paris 25th September- 4th October

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EVENT |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
WearFair 2012
Image2012|09|28 - 30

The Austrian eco-fashion trade show WearFair is not one to lack style, all the while flying the flag for sustainability and fairness in the fashion and design business. In this year’s edition of the successful trade show, brands from all over Europe make their way in, creating a hub of eco-fashion sure to impress any visitor. Besides the many talented designers, the WearFair 2012 boasts one of the most extensive side programmes ever, including a fashion show, a shopping night, workshops and more. Once again, WearFair is bringing innovation into the eco fashion business and paving the way for responsible style!

Tabakfabrik Linz
Ludlgasse 19
A-4020 Linz

EXHIBITION |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
Wien Products Collection

Kicking off the autumn season of design is the one-day exhibit of the Wien Products collection (2006 - 2012) at the 21er Haus. Built around the concept of merging the old with the new, the exhibit features around 50 exclusive pieces from the hands of contemporary designers, all based on collaborations with traditional Viennese manufacturers such as jewellery or porcelain makers. It’s the perfect celebration of the Austrian design and handwork heritage, infused with a taste for the new and modern!


21er Haus
1030, Arsenalstraße 1

EXHIBITION |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
The Body as Protest Exhibition
Image2012|09|05 - 2012|12|02

The new photographic exhibition called The Body as Protest takes the over-exposed subject matter of the body into its own hands and comes out with an arresting visual interpretation of it. It features an extensive array of artist John Coplans’ body photos, as strikingly architectural and fragmented as they are, hanging besides conceptual body photography with a political, social or personal message, by artists such as Bruce Nauman, Robert Mapplethorpe or Miyako Ishiuchi. The exhibit is bound to be a much talked about show, and with this amount of character, how can it not?

1010, Albertinaplatz 1

DISCOURSE |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
FashionCamp Vienna
Image2012|09|8 - 9

If there ever was firm proof that the bloggers have officially established themselves as bona fide fashion business professionals, FashionCamp could just be it. Blogger organised to perfection, the two day event is already in its third year, once again uniting the fashion crowd with numerous panel discussions, debates and Q&As on topics from anything about the future of the fashion blog to the sustainability of the mass market society. A DIY workshop schedule is also happening for the first time, involving names such as Mark&Julia or Gebrüder Stitch, and we predict the highest turn-up and success yet!

The Hub
1070, Lindengasse 56

EVENT |  |  03.09.12  |  send link
Design Market Edelstoff 02
Image2012|09|29 - 30

To come across individual, creative and relatively unknown designers is no easy feat these days, with the shopping streets and websites overflowing with mass consumer brands. So when an opportunity to hunt down Austrian and international fashion, accessory or design pieces that you can be sure not many people will have at home, it’s a given you must go. The Design Market Edelstoff makes our desire for one-offs a little easier to fulfil, as it provides a space and a platform for aspiring or up-and-coming designers to present their work and make their talent count. Shop until we drop we will!

Anker Expedithalle
1110, Puchsbaumgasse 1C