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EXHIBITION |  |  28.10.14  |  send link
The Night of Jewellery Art
Image 2014|11|04

For one enchanting night, Vienna gets turned into a jewellery dreamland drawing in anyone for a peek into the craft, artistry and masterful design of contemporary jewels. Taking place all around the city’s galleries, artists’ studios or shops, the 7th edition of this successful night aims to bring the artists, along with their visions and skills, right to the public by allowing them to showcase, interact and mingle. Workshops, openings, exhibitions, live events, and anything in between will all be on during The Night of Jewellery Art, making sure you get sucked into the exciting world of jewellery completely, and we bet you will never look at jewellery the same way again!

Nacht der Schmuckkunst

EXHIBITION |  |  28.10.14  |  send link
Eyes On - Month of Photography Vienna
2014|10|27 - 11|30

November is not just a month of grim weather, but also the European Month of Photography, and Vienna is naturally amongst the company of cities like Paris, Luxembourg, Bratislava or Berlin, who stage exhibitions and events celebrating the art of the photo. For the sixth time, Vienna is taking over museums, art venues, off spaces or galleries for over 200 exhibitions, peppered with numerous supporting programme talks, discussions, openings and more. We suggest the dialogue talk accompanying the KUNST HAUS WIEN Lillian Bassman fashion photography exhibition, the photo documentation of the Free Label project at the Atelier InDerBrüßlgasse, or the AFA exhibit ‘An exploration of fashion and photography’. There’s so much to explore, so check the schedule and enjoy the month!

EXHIBITION |  |  23.10.14  |  send link
Art exhibits at the MUMOK
2014|10|04 - 01|18|2015

MUMOK might just be the perfect bad-weather hideaway right about now, as it hosts not one, but two exhibits which we recommend you spend some time going through. The greatly named ‘HIPPIES USE SIDE DOOR. THE YEAR 2014 HAS LOST THE PLOT.’ display brings together the largest collection of Cosima von Bonin to date, and showcases her interdisciplinary approach to her art thoroughly. There’s plenty of textile and print work to revel in, all incorporated into her concept works. Slightly more minimal, but not a bit less enticing is the exhibit ‘Pin’. A reflection of the artist’s Jenni Tischer’s inquisitive take on artistic expression, it focuses on textile work, looking into memories, identities and the interplay between tradition and modernity all in the form of unusual displays fully open to interpretation and questioning. See it all and make a great day out of it!

Museumsplatz 1
1070, Wien

EVENT |  |  14.10.14  |  send link
Blickfang Vienna
2014|10|17 - 10|19

The Blickfang concept has spread like wildfire lately, supporting the modern idea of honest design consumption, independent label support and sustainable production. The design fair currently hops around six European hotspots, and Vienna has been one of them for years. The next edition of the fair is set to bring its customary authenticity and inventive drive to the city, allowing visitors to admire, sample, try on, and buy the unique products on display. From fashion, to furniture or jewellery, you would be hard pressed not to spend at least a full day combing through the showcase floor.

MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Entrance at Weiskirchnerstraße 3
1010, Stubenring 5

Day Ticket: € 10
Reduced: € 8 (students with valid ID)
Multiple Day Ticket: € 16
FRI, 17 October: 12am to 10pm

SAT, 18 October: 10am to 8pm
SUN, 19 October: 11am to 7pm

EXHIBITION |  |  05.10.14  |  send link
Inspiration Textil
2014|12|09 - 02|11

For the first time ever in Austria, a sweeping exhibition of indigenous textile creations from Africa and the Far and Middle East is open to the public eye. Documenting a history of the last 300 years of clothing, fabrics, and ritual textiles, the current exhibit at the Künstlerhaus has gathered a chunk of priceless pieces from private collection, all to be put on display within a dialogue framework. Shown side to side with artistic creations they inspired with their intensive and authentic beauty, the exhibition is intriguing and inspiring beyond measure. Featuring many tours and some workshops alongside, it is sure to draw you in!

Künstlerhaus Vienna
1010, Karlsplatz 5

SHOP |  |  04.10.14  |  send link
Moiree and Runway Vienna

Austria has fashion talent aplenty, and it’s time it gets more exposure! Two new concepts- Runway Vienna: Austria Fashion Design and Moiree, have been recently launched in Vienna, doing just that and bringing national fashion design to the forefront. Runway Vienna, taking the form of a physical store in the city center, stocked up with hand-picked pieces by designers which can be tricky to find, pioneers the kind of shopping experience Vienna lacks. Similarly, Moiree, which allows you to rent and wear clothes and accessories from home-grown labels, will directly deliver pieces by local fashion designers to your hotel. Established in partnership with the chosen labels and four Viennese hotels- Park Hyatt, The Guesthouse, Do&Co and Altstadt, it caters to urban travellers perfectly. Both Runway Vienna and Moiree are beyond doubt an upgraded experience in discovering and experiencing the aesthetic culture of the city.