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DESIGNER |  |  25.11.14  |  send link
Start Scholarships 2015
ImageEver since the Arts Division and the Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria (BKA) launched their START Scholarship scheme in 2009, it has supported, guided, and subsidised numerous young artists looking to get ahead in their industries. As the competition for the 2015 Scholarships begins, there is once again a chance to apply.
Recognising and supporting young national talent, encouraging artistic development and facilitating entry into the Austrian and international art scene, the START Scholarships will be given out to 95 promising artists from the fields of Fine Arts (10), Architecture and Design (10), Artistic Photography (5), Video and Media art (5), Fashion (5), Music and Performing Arts (35), Film Art (5), Literature (15), and Cultural Management (5), all lasting for six months.