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EXHIBITION |  |  22.06.14  |  send link
Silk – Lace – Ermine
Image2014|04|24 - 12|24

The Sisi Museum in Vienna has been attracting hordes of visitors ever since it opened its doors to the public in 2004, and this year, as a commemoration to its immense success, a temporary exhibition delving even deeper into Sisi’s life has been put on. Entitled Silk – Lace – Ermine, the exhibit showcases the extremely precious and fragile vintage textiles making up a part of Sisi’s personal attire. Her imperial wardrobe doesn’t fail to fascinate even today, and with her knack for fashion, it’s no wonder. Come see the pride of the exhibition- The Blue Dress, displayed alongside many other personal and delicate items from the Empress’ wardrobe, offering an unmissable glimpse into history.

Imperial Apartements, Sisi Museum, Silver Collection
Hofburg/entrance Innerer Burghof
1010 Vienna

EXHIBITION |  |  22.06.14  |  send link
2014|04|30 - 08|17

Michelangelo Antonioni shot his now iconic film Blow-Up in the sixties, documenting and feeding off an era of creative flourish, providing an impression of the art and life at the time. The photographical sphere of the film has been ground-breaking, and now, you can explore the many facets of this art at Albertina. Through the photo exhibit Blow-Up, you will be whisked away into the depths of the film, as well as into its social and cultural context, all through a carefully curated selection of photos from, and around the cult film. A great mix of cinematography, photography, history and culture!

Albertinaplatz 1
1010 Wien

EXHIBITION |  |  22.06.14  |  send link
Textile Summer in Haslach
Image2014|07|15 - 08|29

This summer, the Textile Centre Haslach will be greeting its visitors with two special exhibits of very different nature, but both dedicated to high craftsmanship. Firstly a travelling exhibition currently on the road across Europe will have a stop-over. Called fein klein:Contemporary Miniature Fiber Art Work Japan, the exhibit features 50 miniature objects showcasing the complexity and diversity of techniques, approaches and executions in the sphere of miniature-art in contemporary Japan. And secondly, the works of the first batch of graduates from the SHUTTLE programme, a course for an innovative culture of weaving at the University of Art and Design Linz in cooperation with the Textile Centre Haslach. Exceptional mastery is to be expected!

Textile Kultur Haslach
Stahlmühle 4
4170 Haslach

EXHIBITION |  |  22.06.14  |  send link
The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 - 2014
2014|04|05 - 07|27

The massive influence of Italian fashion on a global scale is an undisputed fact. The world of fashion has been drumming to the Italian beat for generations, but even the most learned consumer today isn’t aware of the history, the people, the events and the designs that made this powerhouse. V&A’s exhibition-The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 – 2014, wants to change that. Documenting the stories, dresses, suits, accessories and artistic visions of Italian fashion ever since the end of the Second World War, the exhibit will take you on a journey through history, bringing you closer to understanding the roots of some of the most wonderful pieces ever designed!

V&A South Kensington
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

EXHIBITION |  |  22.06.14  |  send link
150 Years of the MAK – from Arts and Crafts to Design
2014|06|11 - 10|05

The MAK is celebrating its 150 anniversary this year, and what better way to do that than by throwing an exhibition, instead of a party? EXEMPLARY: 150 Years of the MAK – From Arts and Crafts to Design is arguably much more than just a display of historical collections or contemporary design pieces. It is, in fact, reflecting on the past, analysing the present and debating the future in light of the display. There is a lot these exhibited pieces have to say for not just themselves, but for the times they were created in, and MAK appreciates all of that baggage. For an inspiring look at the museum’s history, and the bigger picture it is a part of, we recommend you check it out!

MAK Exhibition Hall
MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna

EXHIBITION |  |  22.06.14  |  send link
SHOEting Stars
2014|06|18 - 10|05

Shoe design has a long-standing history of meticulous artistry, but never before has footwear been taken to such conceptual and aesthetic heights as it is now. The excitement this accessory inspires in so many people is only proof of the power of solid and inventive design, where designers attempt to push it just a little bit further every time. The SHOEting Stars exhibition at the Kunst Haus Wien is taking this kind of experimental shoe creations and displaying them in thematic groupings, alongside various photographs, installations and videos. Making the conceptual step into the foreground, and focusing on the sculptural and decorative aspects of the shoes, SHOEting Stars is a true treasure-trove for the shoe maniacs!

KUNST HAUS WIEN. Museum Hundertwasser
Untere Weissgerberstraße 13, 1030 Vienna

DESIGNER |  |  22.06.14  |  send link
Helmut Lang Archive at the MAK

Helmut Lang as a fashion designer has earned an iconic status in the industry, dressing and influencing his worldwide followers for years. In 2005, as he exited his fashion career, his archive was donated to various museums and spread around the world once again, but this time, not in order to be worn. MAK has been lucky enough to score a big chunk of Lang’s collections, and they are exhibited and open for admiration or study. Thematic displays, as well as a whole lot of uncategorised pieces, are all waiting to be seen, explored and appreciated, so don’t miss the opportunity to do so!

MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna

MAGAZINE |  |  22.06.14  |  send link
IMPULSE Magazine

The new publication of the AWS austria wirtschaftsservice has gone into print recently, inviting you to discover more about the insights of the creative economy at home and abroad. Featuring countless interviews, reviews, projects and much more, the magazine aspires to make the subject of creative business an accessible one. Tackling current issues and debates within the sector as well, you can expect a sharp and intelligent read worth your attention. Get it while it’s hot off the press at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

EXHIBITION |  |  22.06.14  |  send link
Dries Van Noten Inspirations
Image 2014|03|01 - 11|02

Dries van Noten makes art that just happens to have taken the form of clothes. His collections have never lacked praise for the unique artistry, meticulous technique, and the meaningful conceptual layers behind it. Through the on-going Inspirations exhibition at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris we can peek into the mind and creative process of the designer himself. Bringing together van Noten’s designs, little bits of his personal inspirations, and other supporting materials, as well as some masterpieces by the likes of Bronzino, Kees Van Dongen or Yves Klein which were instrumental in Noten’s work itself, the exhibition constructs an inspirational gateway into van Noten’s world!

Les Arts Décoratifs 

107, rue de Rivoli 

75001 Paris