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Jewellery Days

3rd- 7th November

A spin-off from the much loved Vienna Jewellery Night, this first edition of the Vienna Jewellery Days goes to show the city’s appreciation and need for a full-blown jewellery-centered event. Inviting you to presentations, special projects, workshops, or atelier tours, the Jewellery Days certainly are offering great experiences, taking you into the backstages of the craft behind the product, and of the people behind the craft. Come learn about traditions, innovations, trends, and futures of jewellery!

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Blickfang Vienna

30th October- 1st Novmber

Blickfang needs no introduction, travelling around some of Europe’s best design cities for many years. The reason why it still has such an influential pull is that it is an inclusive and inviting way of showcasing and bringing together the multitude of talented people with a love for honest design. No mass-production, no factory standards, the pieces you get to see at the Blickfang are nothing if not unique. This year, a special exhibition on Dutch Design has been incorporated into the event, so look out for Netherland’s sharp eye for design too!