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Designmonat Graz


29 April-28 May 2017

The city of Graz is home to the annual Designmonat which consistently treats its many visitors to an array of design-oriented exhibition, events, and an overall rich programme. The whole city gets sucked into the celebrations, and this year it all starts with the exhibitions SELECTED and ‘The Orange Age’. Uniting under the title LIGHT 2017, Designmonth commissioned artists for eight light installations in the city center of Graz. Traditionally, the Assembly Festival joins in with three days of fashion, design, and art, featuring some highlights such as the award ceremony of the Kastner & Öhler Fashion Award or the Street Fashion Show taking place on the Island in the Mur this year. If that’s not enough, the FESCH’MARKT comes in with over 100 new designers presenting their works, available for you to take home. There’s a lot to experience and see!

Assembly Festival
5-7 May
Kunsthaus Graz

12-14 May
Seifenfabrik, Graz