BOOKS | 15.05.17
ReFashioning Austria

Die Publikation zur Ausstellung
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EXHIBITION | 11.02.17
Material Essence

International Fashion Showcase 2017 / AUSTRIA
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INTERVIEWS | 09.10.16

FORMBYTIME combining mechanics and goldsmithery to create unique interactive jewellery
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DESIGNER | 25.06.16
Bags with souls

Accessory designer: Katharina Purkarthofer
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EXHIBITION | 07.06.16
Displaying Fashion

Begegnungen von Mode und Kunst
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INTERVIEWS | 22.05.16
Genähte Bilder

Ein Besuch bei der Textilkünstlerin Gudrun Leitner.
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INTERVIEWS | 02.05.16
netzwerk mode textil

Die Interessenvertretung der kulturwissenschaftlichen Textil- Kleider- und Modeforschung
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INTERVIEWS | 17.04.16
Fashion Revolution Austria

A day to ignite an attitude of change for the fashion industry- the Fashion Revolution Day comes...
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EXHIBITION | 03.01.16
Fashion Utopias

International Fashion Showcase 2016 / AUSTRIA
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INTERVIEWS | 05.12.15
Pairs of Eight

Das Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL besteht bereits seit 1996. Ein Besuch bei den acht...
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Vienna Fashion Night

Vienna Fashion Night is set for a grand comeback! The second edition of the stylish event has over 100 shops and department stores taking part in creating the best shopping atmosphere full of tempting discounts, limited edition pieces, fine champagne, good music, and more. There are enough treats to go around all evening, only interrupted by a stunning fashion show (10pm) where you can see the freshest collections from designers such as VERSUS Versace or Lena Hoschek, followed by the Vivie Awards, given out in three categories. Vienna Fashion Night is as charitable as it is stylish though, this time raising awareness about heart disease affecting women. Lena Hoschek has created a special heart bracelet for the night, and you can of course get the Vienna Fashion Night bag to help raise money. That’s what we call shopping with a cause!

Vienna Inner City

Sample Sale 0812
Image2012|06|08 - 23

The on-going Viennese festival Wir Sind Wien is about celebrating and promoting a city full of creativity, art and diversity. This is why one of the festival’s events is a sample sale offering exclusive items by young designers. Newcomers such as BRADARIC:OHMAE, BRCLG - Lisa, Edi&Johanna Diwold, DIRNINGER, ENTRANCE STAFF, ELJOT, KATRIN MAYER, GABRIEL SCHLESINGER, MÈLA, MESHIT, MADELEINE NOSTITZ, ROMANA ZÖCHLING and WILFRIED MAYER will be presenting their clothes and accessories in this special one-off pop-up store. To make sure you are always one step ahead of the fashion trends, invest in some pieces by up-and-coming talents. You won’t regret it!

FR,SA 14:00-20:00
SO 11:00-15:00
1080, Piaristengasse 60

OE Magazine
Image The 3rd issue of the biannual Berlin based OE Magazine is finally out. Providing an independent and diverse view on German fashion, with a special focus on the Berlin fashion scene, the mag has this time around enlisted 9 photographers, 8 stylists and other professionals in order to create 10 remarkable editorials, presenting over 80 labels. The new issue, under the working title I Am What I Am, is made to measure for a good style read with images out of this world. OE definitely is a visually exhilarating magazine and turning it into a collectible item is almost a must.

DAA T-Shirt Exhibition

The International project Designers Against Aids (DAA) by the Belgian non-profit organisation Beauty Without Irony has been raising awareness about AIDS for some years now, hoping to reach young people and inform about the disease. Receiving a lot of support from international media, who are eager to promote a project of this importance and calibre, DAA has also enlisted over 150 artists to participate on the project by customising T-Shirts. An exhibition presenting a selection of the best designs including T-Shirts by Diane Pernet & Pierre Marie Agin, Tim Van Steenbergen, Nathalie Hunter and Vienna based Designer Claudia Rosa Lukas and many many more has been put on to remember the great collaborations, as well as to remind of the importance of the issue. An exhibition with a message indeed!

Open: June 7-9th & 14-16th
13:00 - 18:00
City Hall of Antwerp 
Grote Markt 1 

PANik6: Performance as Vision

Visualisation, mediation and theatrical dramatization of the everyday are what performance art is made of. The visionary power of images and signs arising from it is hardly a topic to be overlooked, and so the sixth in line PANik evening is taking place. The artistically curated exhibition soiree by PAN (Performance Art Network Vienna) is set to examine the performative wonders by presenting international artists and their own visions of the world. Expect conceptual artists such as Robert Jelinek, who shows his own take on synchronised swimming made into an utterly contemporary artistic performance. A special performance lecture on the subversive fashion project Voodoo Chanel is also on the programme, held by Melissa Logan from Chicks On Speed.

Shuttle-Service U2 Aspernstraße 18:15, 18:45
1220, Am Rollfeld (aspern + Die Seestadt Wiens)


The students of the University of Art and Design Linz in cooperation with the Fashion Institute of Vienna are putting on a fashion show for the third time. More than 120 stylish pieces of the students will be presented, alongside the works of the Japanese students from Bunka College. Expect nothing traditional though, as the show is set to take on a more curated and conceptual path. The audience can prepare to get caught in a turbulent performance show, presenting the student fashion designs in a truly entertaining light!

18:30, 20:30
Wiener Straßenbahnmuseum
1030, Erdbergstrasse 109

Guided Vienna Nr.2
Image 2012|06|05

The second edition of the super useful and stylish Guided Vienna shopping guide has arrived! Mapping out the best of the fashion and design spots of the city, the guide will provide you with 62 invaluable tips where you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for, be it the perfect dress or a special coffee table. Bringing the guide to life is a presentation party, DJ-ed by Tingel Tangel, so we know that Guided Vienna 2 is just as stylish as its predecessor.

25hours Hotel/Dachboden
1070, Lerchenfelderstrasse 1-3


The Backyard Sale is already an eponymous happening, despite being just 4 years old. Its 2012 edition presents, as every year, a large array of Austrian and international labels, as well as private second hand sellers. Backyard Sale is far from an ordinary shopping experience, merging a conceptual fashion event with great music provided by an almost infinite DJ line-up, and a party scene not to be missed. Come shop and party away day or night!

Free  entry : 13:00 - 19:00
Shop & Party: 22:00 - 01:00 / €8,€10
Party: 22:00 - 06:00

Pratersauna - Social Life & Art Space
1020, Waldsteingartenstraße 135


The use of social networking is becoming almost a necessity for fashion houses in the 21st century. It is exciting however, to see heritage brands such as Armani hold the reigns of the internet take-over. Taking to the Twitter platform, Armani will host the first ever series of live discussions in the form of Q&As, delving into some of the most important issues shaping and affecting the fashion industry today. Distinguished fashion professionals have been enlisted for each of the Tweet Talks, shedding informed light on the relevant topics. The inaugural talk, entitled China: The New Fashion Superpower has an impressive panel consisting of Angelica Cheung (Editor-in-Chief, Vogue China), Hung Huang (Publisher, Blogger), Godfrey Deeny (Fashion Critic), Federico Marchetti (Founder & CEO, YOOX Group), Susanna Lau (Fashion Writer and Blogger, and Tommy Ton (Photographer, Twitter just got the fashion treatment!

Image2012|05|31 - 2012|06|21

The three-week (an)gespannt exhibition at the Base-Level Gallery, in cooperation with Cinema Photographique by Michael Dürr, is opening with a vernissage centred around the first fashion collection of the newcomer Agnes Aistleitner and her highly innovative and unconventional brand Global Citizen. Presented in collaboration with fashion photographer Michael Dürr and graffiti artist Adham Bakry, this multimedia fashion installation carries a unique political and cultural message whilst showing the craftsmanship behind Global Citizen’s high-quality avant-garde pieces. Revolutionizing Austrian fashion one step at a time!

Galerie base-level
1010, Rudolfsplatz / Heinrichsgasse 4

The Textile Pattern Collection of Emilie Flöge
Image2012|05|25 - 2012|12|02

It’s said that behind every great man stands an even greater woman. True enough, even Gustav Klimt had a lifelong muse to inspire his wonderful creations, and she was noone else but his wife, the fashion designer Emilie Flöge. A folk-art enthusiast, she collected bits and pieces such as delicate laces or bright embroidery from different countries and regions, and used them in her fashion designs. The Austrian Museum of of Folk Life and Folk Art, in the framework of Klimt’s Year 2012, has organised an exhibit with over 350 of Flöge’s collected pieces, examining their effect on art nouveau, as well as on Klimt himself. Look out for side events such as talks by the curator about the collection or historian’s peek into the female lifestyle at the end of the century.

The Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art
1080, Laudongasse 15–19

Show Angewandte 12 Ticket Pre-Sale
Image2012|05|24 + 31

Almost 50 super-talented soon-to-be-graduates are set to present an astounding number of some of the most creative and freedom-driven outfits one can witness in Austria. If you really can’t wait to lay your hands on your very own ticket to the greatly expected Angewandte Show 12 this is your chance to do so before it gets too late. A ticket pre-sale will happen on the 24th and 31st of May and so you can make sure you will definitely not miss the show everyone is talking about. Hurry to the ticket pre-sale and make a note in your diary!

15.00 - 19:00
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Aula
1010, Oskar Kokoschka-Platz 2

Eva Blut Pop-up Store
Image2012|05|23 - 2012|06|02

Expect great things from the Viennese label Eva Blut in 2012 as the brand is set to expand. To commemorate and celebrate this new venture, Eva Blut is hosting a series of events under the name The Vienna Machine, spread over a period of multiple weeks. Get ready for a pop-up store, stocked with past and present collections, perfect for any fashion enthusiast craving the sophisticated yet urban chic accessories Eva Blut does so well. The store will be transformed in the evening into a space for artists of all sorts, providing entertainment such as concerts or installations to all those who join in. See you there!

23rd - 26th May
30th May - 2nd June
1070, Westbahnstraße 22

Fault Lines
Image2012|05|24 - 2012|07|15

The designer Susanne Hammer knows her way around jewellery. Her particular focus on beads however, is what makes her stand out in the often streamlined jewellery design world of today. This is why the V&V Gallery has decided to put over 30 of her most recent pieces on display, tracking Hammer's layered and complex inspirations and transformations of the simple bead.

24th May, 19:00
Galerie V&V
1010, Bauernmarkt 19

The Cycle Chic Book Presentation

Denmark is a land of bicycles, but also a land of style. Ever since the now legendary Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog was set up by Mikael Coleville-Anderson, it's been attracting a whole lot of attention to how it captures the individualism of the bikers. Its author, who manages to make even biking seem glamorous, has put together a book on the subjects, entitled fittingly The Cycle Chic Book. To celebrate, as well as to establish a connection between the stylish bike-obsessed cities of Copenhagen and Vienna, a book party is being held. Expect a discussion with the author himself and guest speakers like Martin Blum and Paul Rasper. The bicycle really is the new 'it' accessory!

FahrRADhaus Wien
1010, Friedrich Schmidt Platz 9

The Schullin Collection
Image2012|05|03 - 2012|08|08

The Viennese fine jewellery house Schullin is very short of being a legend in the jewellery-design circles and the newest exhibition in Graz makes this even clearer. Celebrating the annual Schullin workshops which took place in Graz from 1991-1999, the exhibit is displaying the most beautiful pieces to have come out of the 90s. 
63 of the exhibits are up for sale for the museum, so there is chance you might be able to go and see them whenever you like.

Museum im Palais
Sackstraße 16
8010 Graz

Kooperationsbörse Mode 2012

The Kooperationsbörse Mode is taking place for the third time, attracting many a company, trader, entrepreneur or creative person. Hosted by in cooperation with the Wirtschaftskammer Wien and creativespace, this fashion networking event gives the participating companies and visitors an opportunity to compare and evaluate products and services, as well as to establish new business relationships. This years’ motto Tradition meets innovation is about to look at the design industry from different angles, inspiring a dialogue and preparing the ground for future Austrian fashion. A workshop programme has also been set up, providing some well-guided advice on successful production, execution and presentation.

13:00 - 20:00
quartier21 / MuseumsQuartier
1070, Museumsplatz 1

Design-Market Edelstoff

Dedicated to providing a regular and stable platform for Austrian and international labels to exhibit their products, the Edelstoff Design-Market has anything and everything you could need. Offering clothes, accessories, jewellery, furniture and much more, the chosen labels will be showing their newest and coolest while the DJs play away and you sip on drinks and bite into cupcakes. For anyone who appreciates the extraordinary, but with an added perk of affordability, the Design-Market is your place to be!

former Anker Expedithalle
1100, Puchsbaumgasse 1C

rosa mosa Sample Sale
Image2012|05|10 - 11

If there is one guarantee you get with Austrian design, it’s that it is always individual and innovative at the same time. The footwear and accessories of rosa mosa are no exception to the rule, and as the brand is putting up a sample sale for all to enjoy, you can have a piece of this stunning piece of craftsmanship with artistic values. The store is moving to a different location soon, so this might be your chance to say goodbye to the loved space. Join in and spend a fun shopping weekend right in the middle of great Austrian style!

Thursday, 17:00-21:00
Friday, 12:00-19:00
1050, Ziegelofengasse 17/R2

Filia Spring Sale

The Viennese designer Filia Manikas has had some most impressive fashion education under even more impressive names. Since she has taken to her own collections, she has been creating wonderful womanly pieces full of practicality, stylishness and glamour. This unique mix in her pieces has made the brand quite a staple, and now you can join in the fanclub. Filia has organised a one day Spring/Summer sale where you can get your hands on the current collection. Come and shop away!

17:00 - 21:00
1060, Mittelgasse 6/30

Assembly Festival Graz

Graz turns into a design city once more as the Assembly Design Festival takes place. Housed at the Stadtmuseum Graz, the festival is bigger than ever, filled with international exhibitors from Tokyo, Buenos Aires, south-east Europe and of couse with home-grown Austrian creators. The four floors of the museum provide just enough breathing space for the many architectonic, fashionable and design-worthy objects shown, giving visitors the chance to browse through contemporary design in a truly artistic setting. A fashion show will open the festival and the Kastner & Öhler Fashion Award will close it, so there is no doubt this will turn out to be one stylish event you shouldn't miss!

Stadtmuseum Graz
Sackstrasse 18
8010 Graz

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