EXHIBITION | 11.02.17
Material Essence

International Fashion Showcase 2017 / AUSTRIA
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INTERVIEWS | 09.10.16

FORMBYTIME combining mechanics and goldsmithery to create unique interactive jewellery
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DESIGNER | 25.06.16
Bags with souls

Accessory designer: Katharina Purkarthofer
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EXHIBITION | 07.06.16
Displaying Fashion

Begegnungen von Mode und Kunst
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INTERVIEWS | 22.05.16
Genähte Bilder

Ein Besuch bei der Textilkünstlerin Gudrun Leitner.
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INTERVIEWS | 02.05.16
netzwerk mode textil

Die Interessenvertretung der kulturwissenschaftlichen Textil- Kleider- und Modeforschung
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INTERVIEWS | 17.04.16
Fashion Revolution Austria

A day to ignite an attitude of change for the fashion industry- the Fashion Revolution Day comes...
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EXHIBITION | 03.01.16
Fashion Utopias

International Fashion Showcase 2016 / AUSTRIA
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INTERVIEWS | 05.12.15
Pairs of Eight

Das Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL besteht bereits seit 1996. Ein Besuch bei den acht...
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DESIGNER | 11.11.15
Handcrafting a Brand

Catching up with designer Sabinna and lusting all over her new noteworthy collection.
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Modepalast Linz
Image2012|04|13 - 15

After Modepalast’s Viennese success over the long ten years it has been running, the fashion and design show is coming to Linz. Presenting the collections of 44 Austrian as well as international designers, the event will also feature a section entitled Local Heroes, showing the creations of local Upper Austrian talents. A collaboration with the School of Fashion Design Ebensee also means more supporting events, so watch out for special exhibits and happenings.

Ursulinenhof im OÖ Kulturquartier
OK Platz 1
4020 Linz

GONDA Film Screening

The Austrian-born artist Ursula Mayer is set to present her newest film GONDA in the contemporary space of London’s East End Whitechapel Gallery. The film, looking into the issues of modernism and its impact on our society and culture promises to be a true artistic masterpiece based on a screenplay by Maria Fusco and starring the transgender model Valentijn de Hingh. The screening will be followed by some Q&A with Mayer, continuing the intellectually inspiring evening you shouldn’t miss.

Whitechapel Gallery
77-82 Whitechapel High Street
E1 7QX, London

Performance 2012
Image2012|04|12 - 13

The creative concentration of young talents at the Herbststrasse Fashion School is unquestionable, a fact proven right year after year. Their most recent Performance will see the students present their work centred on the concepts of juxtapositions and antithesis. Having "Archaeology of the Future" as the leading topic, the students will be presenting their individual interpretations of it, making for a show with true creative power and originality.

Posterdesign by Julia Matzner, Make-up artist & Model: Karin Mosgöller, Foto © Daniel Novotny

Die Herbststraße - Schulzentrum
1160, Herbststraße 104

Friday on Thursday in Vienna


The Suisse reports magazine Reportagen in collaboration with the Freitag stores around Germany, Switzerland and Austria, have organized a series of lectures entitled Friday on Thursday, providing visitors a unique peek into the hard work and many obstacles that accompany a journalistic career today. One of these informative and interactive lectures will take place in Vienna, and will see the author Sibylle Berg talking about her own experiences. The lecture "Journalism Is A Lie - A subjective view of the world" is a perfect opportunity to get some insight know-how for all the budding journalists or writers out there - and for everyone else, it’s simply some well spent culture down-time!(For further reading about the Friday manufacture see our article here!)

Freitag Store Vienna
1070, Neubaugasse 26

Equal Payday Austria

The international female network BPW (Business and Professional Women) is standing strong and fighting for women’s right of equal pay. Even in our modern day and age, the wage gender gap is forever widening, a fact inspiring heated debates and controversies all over the world. BPW Austria is therefore continuing their initiative to bring the issue into the open and deal with it correctly with a nationwide campaign, aiming to inspire a constructive dialogue about this core issue. The initiative, called ‘Equal Pay Day ’ is promoting positive changes in our working, and social, environment, aiming for a simple result - same worktime, same pay. As a symbol for the gender gap that effects women "being in the red", the red bag is being used for this nation-wide campaign.

The Good Style Contest
Image2012|04|01 - 06|30

Green fashion is becoming more and more prominent each season. The waste of resources in the production of clothes is not only harmful to the planet, but also extremely careless from the side of us as the consumers in a time when new clothes are bought almost on a daily basis. GLOBAL 2000 has decided to do something about this and involve young individuals in a green fashion contest promoting the recyclation of old pieces of clothing. The idea is simple, breathe new life into your old clothes, put up the photos of your product and hope to be voted the best of them all. More style, less waste!

The Runwayshop
Image2012|04|02 - 05

The At First Sight boutique is presenting a special selection of their designer range in the spaces of the OÖ KUNSTVEREIN in Linz. The chosen clothes are set into the background of an art installation by Sophia Hatwagner and Mario Kiesenhofer. The unique concept, called The Runwayshop, is a merge of an art space with fashion, creating a very special atmosphere for the designer pieces. A pop-up store at its best we think!

Opening: 2nd April, 18:00
3rd-5th April, 10:00 - 19:00
Landstrasse 31
4020 Linz

Finnisage Vanity & Lecture Performance

The Kunsthalle exhibition Vanity is drawing to an end and a proper celebration is in order to mark its success. The finnisage event consists of an artistic multimedia-intervention including a video, audio and photo installation composed from the works of Georg Petermichl, Jakob Lena Knebl, Martin Sulzbacher and Markus Hausleitner (house of the very islands). A lecture performance by Lisbeth Freiß will follow, bringing the wonderful exhibition to a close, leaving us all hoping for a new one just as good and maybe even better!

Start: 17:00
Kunsthalle Vienna
1070, Museumsplatz 1

Shaping Space Pattern Books

The textile, art and design department of the University of Art and Design Linz has teamed up with Kunstraum NOE to bring you a presentation of their latest project- the pattern books, under the title Shaping Space. The books, being a collection of templates often used in the process of creation by designers and artists of all sorts, allow the visitors to peek into the complex and curious system of artistic production. These prototypes, forms and structures also delve into the issues of reproduction and repetition, making this presentation one very interesting place for a contemporary look on art as well as its many modern facets.

Start: 16:00
Bibliothek Kunstraum NOE
1010, Herrengasse 13

Notorious Fashion Minds

TEDxVienna has collaborated with Notorious Magazine for a truly grand fashion event. It will see an elite collection of Austrian bloggers and fashion professionals gathered together to talk about their opinions, critiques and hopes about fashion. The speakers, such as Yvan Rodic (Facehunter), Sabinna Rachimova, (Broken-Cookies), Alex Schönburg (Agency4e7), Anouk Wipprecht (Tech Couture) and Daniela Enzi (Deputy Director, MQ Vienna) prove that this will really be an event of the Notorious Fashion Minds. Naturally, a stylish after-party will follow all the action, showing once again that the fashion crowd is the ultimate party crowd!

The Ring Hotel
1010, Kärntner Ring 8

Modeakt`12 & Klamottenlauf
Image2012|03|29 & 30

Knowing the talents coming out of the fashion college Herbststraße, we have no doubts that their fashion shows will be events full of excellent design and innovation: This year’s graduates are celebrating their graduation time in high style as they organise the fashion show Modeakt' 12, featuring more than an impressive number of 100 outfits.

Just one single day later, the presentation of the upcoming graduates of the A-College Fashion, Design and Textile schools from the Herbststraße entitled Klamottenlauf will be taking place at the Workshop and Culture House (WUK). Inspired by various themes and concepts, the clothes will be anything from heritage-driven to avant-garde, creating a series of inimitable narratives.

Save the date and see you there!

Modeakt` 12: March 29, Entry: 19:00
Museum für Völkerkunde Wien , 1010, Burgring 5
Klamottenlauf: March 30, Entry: 19:00
, 1090, Währingerstraße 59

Elsa Okazaki at Neni

For the ninth time the Neni Art Collective teams up with an artist - this time it`s the visual artist Elsa Okazaki to present an exhibition of her work. The Vienna-based and widely travelled Elsa, who has made her name with her stunning photography and videos, is definitely a talent to keep your eye on. Complete with DJ beats, culinary delights and a great atmosphere, Neni caters to all the senses. Come take a look, a bite and have a blast!

1020, Praterstrasse 1

Fashion Collection Performance

As a part of the second edition of the Hallstatt-Textiles Symposium, which will be focusing on the ancient textiles excavated in Hallstatt and their groundbreaking significance, a fashion collection performance by Christina Dörfler and Cornelia Bast has been organised. "Wandering Tribe" by Christina Dörfler has been built around dye and colour experiments, the pieces from the collection will be creating an aesthetic collage of the present and the past. Experiments with Japanese Schibori and Austrian blueprint techniques have also been attempted, so expect a truly exceptional study in cross-cultural textile art. Cornelia Bast will be showing
"Freeze - Thaw", a performance relating to "Transformation of Time". Both pieces will be choreographed to great music are set to result in a great fashion performance!

Start: 19:00
Natural History Museum Vienna
1010, Burgring 7

Start-Scholarships 2012
Image The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture is dedicated to supporting and promoting the young talents of which Austria has plenty, and proves this each year with 90 scholarships given out to promising fresh artists in various arts and culture sectors. As every year, 5 Start-Scholarships will be awarded to up-and-coming Austrian fashion designers, and it is your chance to be one of them. The financial grants are of great help in taking the first steps and the previous scholarship winners are living proof of that. Sometimes support is all a great artist needs!

Written applications should be sent to the ministry office by 31 March 2012.
Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur
1014, Concordiaplatz 2

Thomas Hauser’s Romy a Winner
Image One of the most renowned international design competitions Red Dot Design has awarded Atelier Allure by Thomas Hauser the grand award in the watch and jewellery product category for the second consecutive year. The winner piece- a bracelet called Romy combines high quality craftsmanship with beautiful aesthetics and makes it clear why Hauser has impressed the jury once again. The special bracelet will be displayed in a month-long exhibition at the Red Dot Museum in the summer. Congratulations for the award, and the beautiful bracelet, are in order!
Read our interview back from February 2011 here

Meshit Presentation @ Comerc Store

The Comerc store is officially opening its gates and doing so with the help of the uber-cool Meshit label. Meshit will be putting up a presentation of their newest AW ’12 collection with exclusive pics by Daliah Spiegel, so there will be no shortage of good style on the night. The entire spring collection of the brand will also be on display, tempting you to jumpstart the new season, while drinks will be served to keep your spirits up. We’re party ready!

1070, Westbahnstraße 20

Unikat B Applied Art and Design
Image 2012|03|16 - 18

The beautiful surroundings of the Gayenhofen Castle will serve once again as a stunning backdrop for the Unikat B exhibition. This special event is much more than just an exhibition of Austrian and international applied arts and design talents, providing an unforgettable atmosphere infused with artistic quality and an international reputation. Visitors will be treated to one-off jewellery, fashion, accessories, glassware or china pieces, all created by the very talented artists from Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland. Save the date!

Opening: Friday, 20:00
Schloss Gayenhofen
Schloss-Gayenhofenplatz 2
6700 Bludenz

Urban Tool Store Opening

The Austrian label Urban Tool is opening its new store in Vienna, right in the middle of the trendy design-driven Margareten. Their new Viennese homebase has been carefully prepared for the celebration launch and the opening of the store and it will be welcoming all urban dwellers to come around and have peek at what the brand has to show. Offering more than 40 different products in various styles and colours, this is the place for anyone looking for bags, laptop cases and diverse everyday accessories. Stylish and urban-cool indeed!

Opening: 17:00
1050, Margaretenplatz 3

Erni Mangold reads Elfriede Gerstl

For the Viennese writer Elfriede Gerstl, clothes were an everlasting life issue. In one of her books, entitled Kleiderflug, she remembers about garments worn and unfortunately displaced or lost during years of travel and relocation. The book, written in 1995, has still the contemporary power of the present, as clothes are infused with that magical and elusive something we all know too well ourselves. Fashion is very much a poetical and lyrical language, and Elfriede proves this just right. The book reading, conducted by Erni Mangold, should be an unforgettable treat!

Start: 18:30
1040 Wien, Karlsplatz

Happy Ending Pop-up Store

With the magnificent fashion month at an end, it’s safe to say we all already have our eyes on the next hot pieces for our wardrobes. However, it’s never too late to revisit seasons past and give clothes a second chance. That is exactly the concept that the Happy Ending pop-up store has in mind. Carefully curated by Gregor Pirouzi, stunning fashion and accessory pieces by Austrian, as well as international brands will be taken out. Expect names such as Jil Sander, Marni, Isabel Marant, Elfenkleid, And_I, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs or Lena Hoschek, amongst many many others. Come and bring the fashion to a new life!

1010, Tuchlauben 12

Hyères 2012 Photo Selection
Image Being chosen to feature in the Hyères Fashion and Photo Festival is a huge honour. The exhibition, praised for its talent-uncovering abilities has, as always, received hundreds of applications from determined photographers, but only a mere fraction of them could make it to the final round. The ten extremely talented artists who are to be a part of the 27th edition of the festival have been picked by art professionals of the highest calibre, and it shows. The chosen few are Olga Cafiero (Italy), Jessica Eaton (Canada), Richard Kolker (GB), Namsa Leuba (Switzerland), Florian van Roekel (Netherlands), Akira Somekawa (Japan), Brea Souders (USA), Yasuyuki Takagi (Japan), Manuel Vazquez (Spain) and the wonderfully gifted Vienna-born Hanna Putz. We know who our vote (and heart) would go to!

Villa Noailles
27th -30th April
Montée de Noailles
83 400 Hyères

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