BOOKS | 15.05.17
ReFashioning Austria

Die Publikation zur Ausstellung
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EXHIBITION | 11.02.17
Material Essence

International Fashion Showcase 2017 / AUSTRIA
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INTERVIEWS | 09.10.16

FORMBYTIME combining mechanics and goldsmithery to create unique interactive jewellery
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DESIGNER | 25.06.16
Bags with souls

Accessory designer: Katharina Purkarthofer
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EXHIBITION | 07.06.16
Displaying Fashion

Begegnungen von Mode und Kunst
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INTERVIEWS | 22.05.16
Genähte Bilder

Ein Besuch bei der Textilkünstlerin Gudrun Leitner.
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INTERVIEWS | 02.05.16
netzwerk mode textil

Die Interessenvertretung der kulturwissenschaftlichen Textil- Kleider- und Modeforschung
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INTERVIEWS | 17.04.16
Fashion Revolution Austria

A day to ignite an attitude of change for the fashion industry- the Fashion Revolution Day comes...
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EXHIBITION | 03.01.16
Fashion Utopias

International Fashion Showcase 2016 / AUSTRIA
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INTERVIEWS | 05.12.15
Pairs of Eight

Das Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL besteht bereits seit 1996. Ein Besuch bei den acht...
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Hyères Call for Entries

The annual spring International Festival of Fashion and Photography taking place in the idyllic south of France has helped establish some of the most prominent names and brands of the fashion and photography industry today. Already in its 31st edition this spring, the influential festival is calling for all entries within the fashion design and photography sphere. A distinguished jury will be judging the submitted works, and many more industry authorities are set to view weight in, so if it’s exposure you seek, it’s exposure you will get. Sign up until the 25th November and continue on to upload your portfolios and supporting documents in order to partake.

Jewellery Days

3rd- 7th November

A spin-off from the much loved Vienna Jewellery Night, this first edition of the Vienna Jewellery Days goes to show the city’s appreciation and need for a full-blown jewellery-centered event. Inviting you to presentations, special projects, workshops, or atelier tours, the Jewellery Days certainly are offering great experiences, taking you into the backstages of the craft behind the product, and of the people behind the craft. Come learn about traditions, innovations, trends, and futures of jewellery!

Blickfang Vienna

30th October- 1st Novmber

Blickfang needs no introduction, travelling around some of Europe’s best design cities for many years. The reason why it still has such an influential pull is that it is an inclusive and inviting way of showcasing and bringing together the multitude of talented people with a love for honest design. No mass-production, no factory standards, the pieces you get to see at the Blickfang are nothing if not unique. This year, a special exhibition on Dutch Design has been incorporated into the event, so look out for Netherland’s sharp eye for design too!

Vienna Design Week

Drawing in tens of thousands visitors each time around, Austria’s largest design festival is a creative tour de force. Vienna Design Week seeps through every inch of the city, as it brings it to life with art, design, experimentation, culture, and aesthetics. The countless shows, expositions, events, talks, or workshops, are scattered around Vienna, making sure the visitors are exposed to design as a part of the landscape and the everyday life. Dedicate some time to look through the programme to choose your events, or simply go where the crowd takes you, either way, enjoy it!

25th September- 4th October 2015

Vogue Vienna Fashion Night Out

The Vogue Fashion Night Out has been around for seven years, but 2015 marks the first time it takes on Vienna. Vogue Germany is standing behind the event, uniting the city’s fashion fans and shopping enthusiast under the motto ‘A Global Celebration of Fashion’. Boutiques, departments stores, and shops, will be keeping their doors open until midnight, luring you in with special deals, one-off products, or nice sales. That’s definitely some way to enjoy one of the last warm summer nights!

10th September

Goldenes Quartier
1010 Vienna

Austrian Fashion Awards

Fashion week calls for some ceremonious award presentations, and the Austrian Fashion Awards 2015 promises just that. Combining the prizes and nominees from the AFA itself, with the City of Vienna Fashion Prize and the Austrian Federal Chancellery Fashion Prize, some serious support is to be given out. Promising new names on the Austrian fashion scene have made the list, standing tall next to household names, making this an exciting foray into discovering, and backing fresh new talent.

8th September
1060, Lehargasse 6
20:00 Uhr

Only by invitation!

MQ Vienna Fashion Week

There’s no time to slowly transition from summer, as the MQ Vienna Fashion Week kicks off the new season right away, plunging everyone into the month of fashion. The annual event has become a much anticipated staple in Austria’s fashion scene, with our biggest design names showing their collections on the runway and in the showroom, and there is always something new and exciting to look forward to. Be it discovering new talents, appreciating the established labels, or simply enjoying a good party. The programme is extensive, so check the schedule and get your tickets!

7th - 13th September

MuseumsQuartier Wien
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Vienna

The Paramour's Dresses
One of Salzburg Festival’s biggest draws each year is the performance of the Tragedy of the Life and Death of the Rich Man, initiated by the 1911 world première of the play Jedermann by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The coveted role of the vivacious lover - Paramour has not only been played by many distinguished actresses, but has also been made famous for its exceptional costumes. The bespoke dresses are as much a part of the Festival’s history as anything else, which is why they are put on display in an exhibition also accompanied by sketches, notes and photographs from the Festival archives, and rounded off by a film showing excerpts of relevant scenes from the productions.

Until 1st November 2015
Residenzgalerie Salzburg
Residenzplatz 1
5010 Salzburg

wow! Woven? Entering the (sub)Textiles

12th June - 10th September 2015

Textile is a topic coming to the forefront of general discourse more often than ever before, and it is also emulated in artistic and museum settings where its very nature is being explored. The new exhibition at the Künstlerhaus Graz - wow! Woven? Entering the (sub)Textiles does just that, and through a compilation of artistic positions, aims to investigate this renaissance of textile, its history, its effects, or contemporary uses and applications. The exhibition offers a veritable and intriguing inquiry into the realities of textiles today, looking at the paradoxes for example, of the pre-fabricated wear-and-tear on your denim, simulating what once stood for hard work, or shedding a light on the continuous loss of traditional handicraft techniques which are giving way to globalisation. It’s a truly pensive reflection on textile, not just as a material good, but also as an idea and a medium.  A rich supporting programme on Thursday nights is running all through the exhibit, so put it on your summer bucket list!

Künstlerhaus Halle für Kunst & Medien
Burgring 2, 8010 Graz

Vienna Biennale: Ideas for Change

11th June- 4th October 2015

Combining art, design and architecture in equal measure, all underlined with the grand purpose of generating innovative ideas for changing the world we live in, the Vienna Biennale is the ultimate interdisciplinary art initiative in the city. Vienna itself becomes a vital part of the Biennale, serving not only as a host to the many invited and participating visionaries from various fields, but also as a springboard and testing ground for the practical application of the innovative approaches. Urban life becomes the focus of this years’ Biennale, offering many exhibitions revolving around the topic of modern cities, urban futures or social art. Dedicate your summer to the informative and highly enjoyable programme!

Textile Kultur Haslach

19th- 31st July 2015

Every year, the Textile Kultur Haslach organises its Summer Symposium - a two week long event filled with courses, exhibitions, tours and more. This summer, the focus falls on the theme of carpets, so expect a programme tailored to it, including two special exhibitions. The first one, a travelling exhibit called ARTAPESTRY features four contemporary tapestry artists, while DIE TREIBEN´S GANZ SCHÖN BUNT shows the works of Moroccan carpet makers, approaching the art from a different cultural perspective. The accompanying courses about various textile production techniques, modes of production or design processes are all open for you to enroll in, so plan this into your summer holidays for extra added creative effect!

Berlin Fashion Week

6th- 10th July 2015

Berlin Fashion Week is often on our summer to-do list, and not just for the German fashion. Numerous trade shows, exhibitions, events, and mingling opportunities for all fashion minded people descend over the city for a few days, turning it into a melting-pot of creative prowess. Austrians too take to the runways, presenting alongside an international designer base and audience. This time around Lena Hoschek, Rebekka Ruetz and the half-Austrian Marina Hoermanseder are representing, and we’ll be watching!

Austrian Graduate Fashion Shows

The end of term for the fashion students of the fine art schools, colleges and universities of Austria means one thing- showing off, in the best sense possible. The graduate students take to the runways with their painstakingly developed designs, closing off a chapter of their education, hoping for holding on to a career in the business. One of the most awaited shows- that of the Angewandte students, comes especially anticipated this year, as it is the pupils of Hussein Chalayan who are taking the stage. NJAL is streaming the Show live, and we know you will be watching.

Show Angewandte 15
6th June
Kunsthalle Wien / Museumsquartier
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien


Another one of the grad shows on our list is the Modeschule Hetzendorf ‘Light and Shadow’ performance. Awards will also be given out, all in a wonderful location, presenting over 200 student designed pieces. Let the Shows begin!

Modeschule Hetzendorf Show 2015
17th- 18th June

Designmonat Graz
Graz has design interwoven into its city fabric, but for one month each year, the Designmonat Graz Festival takes it into ground-breaking territory. Hosting one load of exhibitions, workshops, collaborations and turning the city into a true design mecca, the festival acts as a platform for the visualisation of ideas in all their forms. Creative minds, enthusiasts, professionals and everyone in between will be coming together for presenting and experiencing design, this year focusing on the topic of Design in Public Space. Make sure you stay a while during May, study the programme and consume it all!

1st May - 31st May

Fast Fashion

Over-consumption of fashion is a real issue nowadays, casting a dark shadow over our shopping-obsessed society. The effects it has on the economy, the environment, or on human poverty, are some of the focal points of the poignant exhibit at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. Exploring these themes and offering a critical glimpse on the realities of the fashion industry today, the exhibition also features a so called ‘Laboratory’, set on delving more into the alternative possibilities of design, such as recycling or upcycling. Subsequently, Fast Fashion: The Dark Side of Fashion also sheds some light on the individual consumer’s role and responsibility in all of this, and so creates a well-balanced picture, encouraging active thinking about the many serious implications of fast fashion.

Until 20th September 2015
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Love and Loss. Fashion and Mortality
The new fashion exhibition in Linz is looking back at the movements that shook the 80s and brought out such talents as Martin Margiela or Rei Kawakubo. The Lentos Art Museum stages a look at the experimentative, bold, and brave designs of the 80s, many of which are continuing to influence aesthetics even today. Inspecting the concepts of beauty, and the collaboration between fashion and art, the exhibition paints a truly diverse and gripping picture, showcasing photographs, videos, sculptures and installations, many of which have never been exhibited in Austria before. Love and Loss is an exhibition definitely worth taking the trip for.

13th March- 7th June
LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz
Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1
4020 Linz

Edward Steichen. In High Fashion.
Edward Steichen, one of the most prominent photographers of the long-gone glamour era of old Hollywood and high fashion, has worked for publications of the highest calibre, and produced pictures that epitomise the elegance and luxury of couture of the 20th Century. For the first time, over 200 vintage pieces of his work from the Condé Nast Publications archives are on display in Austria. The exhibition is complemented by a contemporary display of the Vienna-based artist Caroline Heider, as well as Guided Tours, so make time to visit.

Until 19th April
Westbahnstraße 40
1070 Wien

Elke Silvia Krystufek MODE
Elke Silvia Krystufek has thrived as an artist, and has been equally successful applying her artistic vision to fashion, having her collections exhibited at places such as the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen or in the Art Space Innsbruck. Combinat is showing Krystufek’s portraits of designers like Zak Posen and Vivienne Westwood, which can be seen as drawings and photography in the exhibition ‘Fashion’, also featuring two mannequins dressed in vintage Krystufek designs. These, alongside other examples of the artist’s work will also be showcased at One Gallery from the 6th of March onwards, all as part of the ‘Fashion Drawings’ exhibition.

07th March -30th April 2015
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien

Jewellery 1970–2015
Image The two part exhibition at the MAK is a treat for any jewellery and design enthusiast, but it has enough appeal for everyone. The first is a look into the extensive collection of Heidi and Karl Bollmann, the subject of which is contemporary jewellery. Showing the works of over 200 international artists, it features pieces from diverse cultural regions and corners of the earth. The second a Fritz Maierhofer retrospective, one of the leading jewellery artists in Austria, offers a chronological overview of jewellery and sculptures. There are several special Curators’ Tours on offer on selected dates, so to get most of this exhibition, check beforehand and enjoy.

Until 29th March 2015
MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna

Start Scholarships 2015
ImageEver since the Arts Division and the Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria (BKA) launched their START Scholarship scheme in 2009, it has supported, guided, and subsidised numerous young artists looking to get ahead in their industries. As the competition for the 2015 Scholarships begins, there is once again a chance to apply.
Recognising and supporting young national talent, encouraging artistic development and facilitating entry into the Austrian and international art scene, the START Scholarships will be given out to 95 promising artists from the fields of Fine Arts (10), Architecture and Design (10), Artistic Photography (5), Video and Media art (5), Fashion (5), Music and Performing Arts (35), Film Art (5), Literature (15), and Cultural Management (5), all lasting for six months.

Eyes On - Month of Photography Vienna
2014|10|27 - 11|30

November is not just a month of grim weather, but also the European Month of Photography, and Vienna is naturally amongst the company of cities like Paris, Luxembourg, Bratislava or Berlin, who stage exhibitions and events celebrating the art of the photo. For the sixth time, Vienna is taking over museums, art venues, off spaces or galleries for over 200 exhibitions, peppered with numerous supporting programme talks, discussions, openings and more. We suggest the dialogue talk accompanying the KUNST HAUS WIEN Lillian Bassman fashion photography exhibition, the photo documentation of the Free Label project at the Atelier InDerBrüßlgasse, or the AFA exhibit ‘An exploration of fashion and photography’. There’s so much to explore, so check the schedule and enjoy the month!

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